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Simple. Secure. Login v3

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Simple. Secure. Login v3 - Item for Sale


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SSLv3.4 Now Available

must have php version 5.3.x or >

I have made lots of changes to the core files of the application. core.php and process.php have pretty much been rewritten to fix some minor bugs and improve performance.

I have also rewritten the documentation because the old one seemed a little convoluted at times.

New Features

  • Gravatar implementation – You can now access the users gravatar providing they have an account.
  • Template Engine – I wanted to make it easier for you to edit your emails, with the development of this template system it’s much more easier.
  • SALT – Passwords are now salted.

Bug Fixed

Hey guys I have just uploaded SSLv3.2 (With bugs fixed) some of you reported a bug with the application this has been resolved now, thanks for letting me know. Also I have added the SQL file and uncompressed the CSS, JS

SSLv3.2 Now Available

What feature do you want to see next?

Hey guys, I have some free time before I go back to university so I can make SSLv3 a little bit better but I need your help. What would you like to see added to this application?

Contact me via

Some suggestions

  • Gocardless credit card processing system so you can have premium memberships
  • Paypal payment system again to have premium members
  • Automatic update system (similar to wordpress)

You decide.. =]

Version v3.1 now available

Hey guys I have made some changes such as IE placeholder fix, I have also fixed some of the bugs and improved performance a little.

Please rate 5 stars if you like guys, thanks!

No Programming Skills Needed!

Please make sure you have php version 5.3.x if you are unsure contact me I will help you find out.

I have re-written one of my most popular applications from the ground up. Simple. Secure. Login has now been developed to incorporate many new safety features as well as a full user management system.

What is Simple. Secure. Login V3?

SSLv3 is a powerful and secure multi-purpose login and user management system. It can easily be integrated into any website with ease (Help in Documentation). SSLv3 contains a user management system, user registration, user area and forgot password. Oh and it’s fully AJAX poweredso all pages load asynchronous (Without Reloading)


Simple. Secure. Login uses SHA1password hashing algorithm, should your database ever get compromised you can be rest assured your passwords are much safer than MD5.

Simple. Secure. Login also has built inCSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery) protection so none of those pesky hackers can send data across browsers.

Simple. Secure. Login also protects itself against failed login attempts, if a user tries logging in X number of times the system will shut the user out for 20 minutes.

How does this work then?

Well it’s simple, very very simple to lock down any .php page just include the following code.
require_once 'bootstrap.php';

That’s it including those following lines will lock any page down. Ok i’m sure I have missed some stuff. Why not test out the demo?

username: admin
password: password


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31 July 12

Last Update:
6 February 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL


ajax, easy to install, full featured, login, management system, php, secure, system