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Simple Javascript XML Slideshow

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Simple Javascript XML Slideshow - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Notice – Jun. 9 2011: much needed IE big fixes and updates coming within the next few weeks. I am sorry for those who have been having issues. I am in the process of responding to all comments/emails.

News Version 1.3 – includes Wordpress plugin/shortcode

The Simple Javascript XML Slideshow (SJXS) allows you to easily create truly dynamic slideshows using javascript and an xml file. No need for a ton of html, just let javascript and xml do the work for you. SJXS has been tested within all major browsers including IE7 + (IE6 partially supported), Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Included are some custom transition effects that are pretty snazzy, but they can also be easily adjusted to suite the more traditional needs. Be sure and check out the demo page for a good demonstration of what can be done. Also, I’ve added a simple to use Slideshow Generator that will allow you to create all the code you need for your slideshow: required files, javascript, xml, html and even the basic css. This will allow you to quickly create a slideshow with exactly the features you want.

Simple Javascript XML Slideshow - CodeCanyon Item for Sale Basic Clean Slideshow - ActiveDen Item for Sale

Features include:

  • Slideshow Generator
  • Each image can have an ‘href’ or link set so that they each are clickable
  • Change buttons easily
  • Autoscroll on/off and can be triggered on button click
  • More than one slideshow can be on the same page
  • Over 12 transition options are at your finger tips
  • Images are set based off of an XML file, so they are truly dynamic.

What else is included:

  • Dynamic xml file generator
  • Loads of documentation, experience with javascript or xml is not needed
  • Plenty of examples with complete code on how each was done

Flash Version

Basic Clean Slideshow - ActiveDen Item for Sale If you are familiar with my previous flash based basic slideshow this is the html spin-off of that file. If you need a flash alternative you can check it out here. It’s super basic, but that is the purpose of that product.

More features are in the works

  • More navigation options
  • Wordpress plugin integration
  • Titles for use with each image
  • Theme options for visual look


  • 1.3 (Nov. 6, 2010) – (1) Bug found by @Sandra. IE6 /7 wasn’t loading the files after a page refresh. Fixed. Had to add cachebusting. (2) Also updated the xml file to prepare for allowing html. You won’t have to update the old xml files. (3) Added the Wordpress plugin. It comes with instructions and the ability to use it as a shortcode! (4) Updated documentation with the added changes.
  • 1.2 Minor Bug fixes and css adjustments.
  • 1.1 (July.27.2010) – Fixed a bug where the links wouldn’t always work depending on which transition used. It has now been tested with all transitions and works as expected.

Notice: Javscript required for this slideshow. This slideshow does not currently degrade because of it’s use of xml to power the slideshow.

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2 June 10

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome 4, Chrome 5

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:


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