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Simple Bulletin Board - Bootstrap Pack

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Simple Bulletin Board - SBB Bootstrap Pack - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Simple Bulletin Board Bootstrap 2.1 Pack for SBB4+
May 4th 2015

Supporting Bootstrap 2.3.2 AND Bootstrap 3.3.4

it’s a Bootstrap Template collection for the Simple Bulletin Board – SBB4+ Edition (V4.2+) – now it’s fairly easy to integrate the Board into your Website designed with Bootstrap – or run it standalone.

If you don’t have a license of Simple Bulletin Board you have the possibility to buy a bundled Version of SBB4+ AND this Bootstrap Pack

New since 2.2 updated Bootstrap 3 templates to 3.3.4, added 4×2 new Bootstrap 3.3.4 templates

New since 2.1 updated Bootstrap 3 templates to 3.1.1

New since 2.0 added 12 Bootstrap 3.0.3 templates, some improvements to the Bootstrap 2.3.2 templates … more in the changelog below

New since 1.1 added support for the new features of SBB4+ V4.2 (reCAPTCHA, social shares, like posts, dislike posts)


Simple Bulletin Board – SBB4+ Edition V4.2+

The Bootstrap Pack contains
– 5 Bootstrap 2.3.2 templates, 3 light and 2 dark versions
– 10 fullwidth Bootstrap 3.3.4 templates, 5 light and 5 dark versions
– 10 slim insite Bootstrap 3.3.4 templates, 5 light and 5 dark versions
and makes it easy to implement the Board into a Bootstrap driven website – or run it standalone

some of the Templates:

Twitter Bootstrap’s Default

Bootswatch’s Cerulean

Bootswatch’s Cyber

Bootswatch’s Slate

Bootswatch’s Spacelab

Changelog – current Version: 2.2 May 4th 2015

Updates V2.May 4th 2015

  • updated: Bootstrap 3.1.1 Templates to Bootstrap 3.3.4 including some needed GTML Template modifications
  • added: 4×2 new Bootstrap 3.3.4 Templates (Bootswatch’ darkly, flatly, lumen, yeti)

Updates V2.1 February 19th 2014

  • updated Bootstrap 3 templates to 3.1.1
  • updated bootstrap select 1.4.2 to 1.4.3

Updates V2.0 January 22nd 2014

  • added: 6 new fullwidth Bootstrap 3.0.3 Templates
  • added: 6 new slim Bootstrap 3.0.3 Templates for the use within sites
  • improved: Bootstrap Select for avatar selection
  • improved: light colored Bootstrap Select for all darker themes (slate, cyborg)
  • improved: nicier Poll Statistics

Updates V1.1 October 22nd 2013

  • added support for Simple Bulletin Board SBB4+ Edition V4.2 [reCAPTCHA module, social shares (facebook, twitter, google+), possibility to like posts, possibility to dislike posts]

update information included

1st Release V1.0 June 29th 2013

Credits and used technologies

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30 June 13

Last Update:
4 May 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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