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Serial System

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The Serial System, is a system where you can manage serials. You can easily integrate it with your software if you so desire, with the included API. It’s also easy to look up a specific serial. When you generate a serial, it’s also possible to mail it to someone directly! The mail, it sends, can be editted from the settings menu. I hope you will enjoy the system as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Version 1.1:

Fixed: A minor bug with the API have been fixed, causing the system to be case-insensitive when looking up a serial. Added: A.Net Framework library, and an example application for it.

Version 1.1.1: (Grand Update) Added: Expiration for serials. Added: It’s now possible to create 3000 serials by clicking one button. Added: You can now search between two dates to get all the serials that was created in that period. Added: Times Used has been added to the Look up page, so you can see how many times the serial has been used each day and totally. Added: Last ip the serial was used at has been added to the Look up page. Added: When editing a serial, you can now change the expiration date, reset “Today’s Uses” and “All Time Uses”. Added: Maximum Daily Serial Check, has been added, to limit the uses of serials on a daily basis [Serial Protection]. Added: Top 5 most used serials are display, so you can take a closer look if a serial is used excessively. Added: Default value for the serial expiration date can be changed in settings now. Added: Two new APIs have been added, “CreateSerial” api to create serials externally and “Authentication” API to check if a serial is authed. Added: You can now see version at the bottom of the page, in settings. Changed: New table for the serials, with better overview of the serials. Changed: When editing a serial, it display the current state of the serials, rather than displaying default values.

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17 September 12

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