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PHP Scripts / Forms

Secure Page Lock-down - V1.0

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Secure Page Lock-down - V1.0 - Item for Sale


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Thank you for taking an interest in the Secure Page Lock-down application.

Let me explain what this application can do for you. With this application you can securely lock down any PHP document. This means that nobody, without a username and password can view the page. When somebody tries to view the page, they are automatically redirected to the login page.

This application also uses PHP sessions. This means that they do not have to login each time they view the page. However, once the browser is closed they will have to login again.

We have made this application simple, and easy to use. If you have knowledge of PHP you will be ale to adjust this application easily to suit your needs. But even if you are not a PHP developer, this application is simple to use and can be set up using just two lines of code. This is all included inside of the documentation.

With this application, you can easily manage users. All of the user data is encrypted so the passwords are safe. You can have multiple user accounts and it is also extremely easy to add, remove or edit users. This is all included in the documentation. Even if you don’t have any understanding of PHP, is still simple, and easy to use.

Another advantage of this application is how easy it is to lock down a page. This is all covered in the documentation, but all you need to lock down a page is to add two, short and simple lines of code.

You do not need to have any previous programming experience to use this product. The documentation is clear, and easy to follow. Furthermore, you can contact me at any time for free support.

We would also like to remind you that once you have purchased this product, you will receive all updates for this application, absolutely free.

What are you waiting for? You’d be mad to miss out on a great application like this. Purchase it now, and protect your pages today.

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28 June 12

Last Update:
28 June 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, jQuery

Files Included:


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