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Secure Download Links

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Secure Download Links - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Secure Download Links

“Secure Download Links” helps you offer downloads in a safe and secure way. You can still offer your downloads the way you have been doing till now. However now your downloads can not be copied or distributed through emails, forums and social networking websites.

“Secure Download Links” Applications

  • To protect downloadable product links accessible through your membership section from being shared through other webpages.
  • To Protect free downloadable product links from being shared through a webpage other than yours so that all users who want to download your product come to your webpage.
  • To prevent sharing of links to paid downloads at social networking websites, forums and from other unauthorized webpages.
  • To offer downloads for files stored on another server as if it was on your own server.
Secure download links script is user friendly and does not hamper or restrict authorized download attempts in any way. It integrates seamlessly with any download system and fits in your website’s layout and flow.

Some Special Features

  • Secure Downloads through your existing system.
  • User Friendly and Easily Customizable.
  • Several Security Measures Ensuring File Security
  • File name and Download URL not disclosed.
  • Download URLS cannot be shared by any means
  • Downloads available through your download area, membership area or webpage only.
  • This script works well with files placed on another server.

Check Out Secure Download Links Demo:

Please see the script working at Demo

You will notice a dynamic link is served instead of download URL. An actual URL or file name is not there even in the source code. If these links are copied they take you to an “Unauthorized Access” page.

Your download links are protected and can not be copied, sent via emails or posted in social sites or forums.

How to integrate “Secure Download Links” with your System?

You can easily integrate this in your project. Broadly the steps are.
  1. Add script url and database information in the settings file.
  2. Add two lines of php code at the top of the page containing your download links
  3. Replace old download urls on the page with new ones. Instructions provided.

Detailed Integration steps are available in the product documentation and there is a quick start guide too. You can use this script to secure single product download, 1000+ downloads or simply a free downloadable file.

It works well with a wide variety of file types:



For item support, reporting bugs and update requests, product information please contact us through our support forum. SixthLife Product Support. If you have any questions or queries please send us a message through the contact form at Author Profile Page

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Updates Jan 31 2014

Added support for relative urls, so that secure download links to the files stored below or above docroot can be generated.

Updates Jan 21 2013

Added a second level in authentication so that the script can work even if browser blanks the referrer.

Updates July 31 2011

Secure Download Links can be used in flash players that are embedded in a webpage to play.swf file.

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4 July 11

Last Update:
1 February 14

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PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


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