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Secret Paypal File Download

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Secret Paypal File Download - Item for Sale


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Secret Paypal File Download is a simple script which handles payment processing with Paypal and IPN notifcation to enable you sell any digital products (book, music, software…)

Many products with the same features did exist on the market, but someone are so bloat, complex and ask you to set up with database, run install script….! Others are too lack of feature, even missing a sandbox tesing so we can test with paypal sandbox in order to avoid bother real money! It uses Paypal Standar so you can use it with a personal paypal account too! You can set up it to sell anything: books, music file, video,..picture,...or even for a simple donation system!


  • Easy set up to sell any digital goods with just 3 lines of coding
  • Automated processing payment, delivery file to buyer with download link!
  • Download link is auto expired after a period which you can define;)!
  • Download link is automatically expired after a number of downloading too (to prevent people leach your files :D)
  • Support Paypal Sandbox so you can test and make sure everythign work without worry about REAL money
  • Very easy to intergare into anything, because script will give you a checkout link, as long as users go to that link, eveything are automated for you (process payment via paypal, delivery email to user…)
  • Use it in anyway you like! You can use it right away. buy it, then drop into your project and use! No any complex task! Or you can use it as a based on code to extend it
  • No database require, no complex installing procedure! Just put the file there then use it
  • A GUI TOOLKIT is made to help you do the job easily

How it works

Ideally, it generate a checkout link look like
Then when any user go to that URL, they will be redirect to paypal to checkout! After paidding, Paypal will run a request to an IPN URL which my script take care of it for you! It is!This script then get information about transaction to make sure users made payment, and made sure you receive payment! An email with download link is sent to users. This download link will auto expired after an amount of time! After that, they must contact you to renew the links!
When anyone buy your file, they have a transaction key which will need to contact you for something!

So, you see, as long as you got check out link you can put a direct link to it or submit form to it! Anyway you like, this script give you all flexible to do anything on your own end! What u need to do is point user to correct checkout link

Preven leaching

Download link auto expired after an amount of time or a number of downloading! After that, if buyer want to download file, they must contact you and give you their transaction id to you renew the link! Renewing is simple, the more information is available in document when buying! A GUi tool is putting together to help you

How to use

For example, we assume you put script in a folder call “seecretpaypal”. Then in your file, you write:

//Step 1, include library
include 'seecretpaypal"./paypal.php';
//Step 2, create an instance
$paypal = new SecretPaypal();
//Steo 3, Generate the link
$checkoutLink = $paypal->getLink( 'yourfile.pdf', array(
                'amount' => 99.99,
                'item_name' => 'My Book',
                'return' => '',
                'cancel_return' => '',
                ) );

Quite easy, you just pass the name of file into getLink method as first parameter. This file you put in secret folder before! Let me express again, this folder is protected by .htaccess file to prevent any direct access so you don’t need worry about it! You can try to access some of my files here you can download theme from here if you got download link for example
Next, set ‘amount’ – price of your product, ‘item_name’ – name of ur product, ‘return’ – an url which users will be redirect to after paidding, ‘cancel_return’ – an url which users get redirect to if they click Cancel while checking out
More information is available in help file when you bought it

Demo, have a look at video to see GUI Tool and checkout process


Please send all email support to[email protected]! When you post reply on these, it can take time to get response because I don’t always check comment there!
A support forum will be set up soon for easier supporting! Thank you

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6 June 11

Last Update:
6 June 11

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome 4, Chrome 5

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, jQuery

Files Included:
JavaScript JSON, HTML, PHP


digital product, e-commerce, file download, ipn, paypal, paypal standar, sell, selling, shopping cart