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PHP Scripts / Calendars

Script PHP Gift Calendar Facebook Home

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Gifts calendar that can send gifts to their friends, the calendar is connected to Facebook, after that you can see your friends and send them gifts or birthday greetings.For all special occasions,viral traffic app.


User: admin
Pass: admin


  • You can use it to increase traffic to your website and your customers can consult their friends directly from your site and send a gift.
  • You can insert into your website easily with an iframe.
  • Add unlimited gifts.
  • Classifies the gifts for categories.
  • You can insert it into a Facebook application page.
  • Geared for people who want to traffics or promote your products online.
  • Send Gifts in the Facebook wall of your friends.
  • Send Gifts as private messages on facebook from your friends.
  • Languages: English, Spanish and German (with potential to extend to more languages).
  • Easy customization in case you want to edit, you can put the color you want.
  • Check the movements with statistical graphics.
  • Export data: email,user id, etc..
  • Resposive Design.
  • Access to the administration.

Find your friends and send gifts

aGt Lzhj Date 245 Select picture send Fashion Love Letters Sweets and Chocolates Cancel Post wall Private message

Geared for people who want to traffics or promote your products online

Image Box chocola Box chocoat available Name fth Swid Logo Shoes Ggtbo Uias gEt

Check the movements with statistical graphics

Tc4 1524 1028 320 Gift Calendar Year 2013 AdffwW D.slboeid Ca.gon.s January April July October 310 February March June August September November December 290

Export data of people who were connected to the calendar as: email, date, id ..

The following data can exported Excel foi select date range and precione downloaded directly your PC. Accen Date Range Type ,ve From DflnzP tunjmpcom aL.t.n

Resposive Design (Take your administration everywhere)

L.,hbd Calendar Cai c.n IIScc ri,

How to install

  • Put the files in a folder of your
  • Create a Facebook application (requires API_ID)
  • Edit the file config.php (to configure Facebook and database)
  • ready, enjoy Calendar Gift


  • Version 2.0 – 2013-05-14
    Added categories for gifts
    Modified the way to send gifts in the front
    Added to the calendar TOTAL ADMINISTRATION
    Graphical Statistics
    Number is displayed full access
    Displays the total number of gifts sent
    Maintenance of Categories
    Maintenance of Users
    Maintenance of Gift
    Export data: email, user, date ..
    Improvement and rapides in Code
    Resposive Design for the administrative (iphone, ipad, tablet, etc.)
    Range of dates to export data

  • Version 1.0 – 2013-04-17

If you happen to find any bugs Please by all means, report them to me here at I will fix them as soon as possible! I am willing to help you too with basic styling / customization.

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17 April 13

Last Update:
11 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.x

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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