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JavaScript / Sliders

Ruby - jQuery Ken Burns Feature List Slider

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Ruby - jQuery Ken Burns Feature List Slider - Item for Sale


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Item description

Ruby is highly customizable and powerful image slider carefully crafted to enrich website and target wide spectrum of applications. It supports images with any size, html content and videos hosted on youtube and vimeo. Built in kenburns effect for images and flexible transition engine delivers sophisticated and eye catching animations and effects for slider content. Built in video support allows for easy youtube and vimeo clips embedding.

This slider comes with 2 beutiful themes, well organized PSD sources and clear CSS rules allows for quick and easy skin customization to blend it in any website. This jQuery plugin exposes rich interface which can alter any default settings such as animation time, type direction and so on. Moreover HTML 5 data attributes helps to provide per slide settings without need to edit an link to any external config file.

Predefined animations are standard for any image slider out there that’s why beside this Ruby is shipped with flexible and rich animation framework which allows user to create unique transitions in few seconds with just few parameters.

Main features

  • Smooth Ken Burns– this eye catching effect can be applied to images placed inside slides as well as for small thumbs placed in secondary navigation. Control start point, destination point, timing of one swipe, zoom level and direction ( zoom in or out )
  • Flexible animation framework– this slider is equipped with sophisticated and flexible framework which allows to easily create any transition imaginable because predefined animations aren’t enough this days. Slice up any content inside slide, set position, rotation and size for slices, choose one of many selection pattern ( diagonal, zig-zags, chessboard etc ) and timing mode ( how slices are fired ) to create unique transitions. Of course slider is shipped withtonsof predefined animations
  • Skins– slider is shipped with two beautiful skins. Well organizedCSS and PSDsources allows for easy skin customization or creation of a new one
  • Inline content– Ruby can handle any valid HTML markup placed inside slides as well asYoutube and Vimeovideos for which special handling is done
  • Multiple sliders– it’s very easy to use multiple sliders on one page and set different settings, content, skin, size look and feel for each one
  • Per slide settings– slider can handle per slide settings such as animations, timing, Youtube & Vimeo links via HTML5 markup ( ‘data’ attribute –SEO optimized )
  • Crossbrowser– slider works in all modern browsers, even in IE
  • Extensive documentationcovering every aspect of slider customization, animation framework, performance guidelines and so on
  • Powerful API– over 50 options and settings exposed by plugin gives huge potential when it comes to customization
  • Fancy circular timer– can be placed in numerous positions – degrades to simple progressbar in IE
  • Easy integration– slider can be very easily integrated in any website as well as with other popular plugins such asPrettyPhoto, LightBoxand so on


  • DEMO 1– Classic theme, Ken Burns effect, list on the right side circular timer in bottom left corner, pause on hover
  • DEMO 2– Modern theme, Ken Burns effect, list on the right side, no timer
  • DEMO 3– Classic theme, Ken Burns effect, no timer, images only
  • DEMO 4– Modern theme,No Ken Burns effect, list on the left side, circular timer displayed in bottom right corner

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ver 1.1 – 2011.11.26
  • Fixed: initial image flickers
  • Added: autoscroll functionality
  • Added: smooth fadein of first slide at startup

ver 1.0– 2011.11.23 Initial release

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23 November 11

Last Update:
27 November 11

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Layered PSD


ads, animation, auto play, banner rotator, custom transition, feature list, gallery, image slider, jquery, ken burns, slideshow, videos, vimeo, youtube