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RouteTracker full iOS app

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RouteTracker full iOS app - Item for Sale


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An awesome route tracking application which uses the iPhones’ (all iOS devices) built in GPS to determine the user’s location. It’s not just a speed tracking application it does more than that. Of course you can use it just to track you speed, but this app can do more than that.

This app is suitable for tracking your location wherever you go, and if you say start stacking it will record the whole path you’re taking while it is turned on. The app stores all information to Core Data, so no matter what, your data is always stored. The app can run in the background too, since it uses location data, so doesn’t matter if you put this app into the background, it will still track your path.

Available in the App Store
A modified version of this app can be downloaded from the App Store Click here


  • Core Data
  • Core Location
  • User tracking
  • Route drawing on map
  • Saving route coordinates
  • Background mode
  • Use it to track running, walking, jogging, biking, driving, etc.
  • Full Xcode project
  • ARC
  • No storyboards at the moment
  • Supports iOS 5+
  • Supports retina display
  • Supports iPhone 5
  • With .psd files
  • Custom animations
  • Custom design
  • App Store ready
  • MapView
  • Idle timer disabled to prevent the app from going to the background without user interaction
  • Fully documented, Apple like documentation (Appledoc)

J442O13 12.77 0.70 aver speed wo, kmlh kmn!.,i 124 Distance Max speed 1.76 125 stop Pause Cam. routes 1.86 8.43 0.51 R.a. t2013 2.69 St.3rtmt route ttnlshed

New things in this version: (13.04)

New version includes: (15.04)

  • New class to export routes easily (DataExporter)
  • Ability to export more than one routes from the list view, just swipe right on the cell to select or deselect it
  • Social sharing (facebook, twitter, email)
  • Cool animation to share the route from detail view by swiping up on the screen vertically

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11 April 13

Last Update:
22 May 13

Files Included:
.h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib, Layered PSD

Mobile OS:
IOS 5.0, IOS 5.1, IOS 6.0


animations, background mode, core data, core location, custom design, draw on map, ios, iphone app, location, map view, route drawing, routing, speed, tracking, user location