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Restaurant Menu App

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Restaurant Menu App - Item for Sale


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This app provides a full foundation for any Restaurant/Bar/iPhone Entrepreneur to manage a menu of Dinners, Drinks, and Desserts.

The included backend system allows for implementation of a database of items, along with files that pull and create JSON data for each category, for the iPhone to dynamically read and display for each.

The app can pull and show anunlimited numberof menu items for each category. It uses asynchronous image loading technology to only pull the images for the items currently being shown, to speed up the loading process, and ensure the app will never slow down.

The primary features are:

  • Custom back end scripts that dynamically create JSON data from the database to be read by the iPhone Application.
  • Pulls JSON data dynamically created by the backend and displays it in a Custom UITableViewCell.
  • Each item has a detail view upon selection that shows an optional description of the item, or ingredient list.
  • No need to resubmit the app to Apple just to add items to the lists.
  • Pull to refresh table functionality.
  • Heads Up Display.
  • Full search capabilities, search by name, price, serving size, or description.
  • Pulls ID’s from database as well, for use in implementing detail view controllers for each item.
  • Asynchronous image loading technology, whether loading 10 images, or 10,000 images, the app will not slow down.
  • Completely customizable, provides full functionality for any bar or restaurant that wants to display their items dynamically on iOS devices. Just install, and add items to the database, the app will do the rest.

This iOS app is great for any food business that does not have the budget to hire a developer.

Supports iOS 4.3 and above!

Just install the files, and run the app!

NoteThis is not a storyboard app. I may convert it in the future if time allows.

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7 May 12

Last Update:
7 May 12

Files Included:
.h, .m, .xib/.nib

Mobile OS:
IOS 4.3


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