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Responsive Tile Gallery

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Responsive Tile Gallery - Item for Sale


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Your websites are responsive. Your galleries should be too!

Responsive Tile Gallery is a completely responsive image gallery. It allows your visitors to easily sort and view all of your images. It also allows you to put your images into categories, load thumbnails instead of full resolution images, and develop responsive websites for all platforms.

Check out the live preview to see it in action. Re-size your browser window to see the images rearrange themselves!

Responsive Tile Gallery Features

  1. A fully responsive image gallery
  2. Ability to put images into category, and let users sort through them
  3. View full resolution images in a beautiful lightbox
  4. Add captions to your images in the gallery and in the lightbox
  5. Option to use thumbnail images for faster load times
  6. Ability to use images as links to any URL
  7. Link to a specific category with hash anchor tags
  8. Uses CSS Transitions with jQuery fallbacks for improved performance
  9. Cross-browser compatible (from IE8 and up)

Supported Browsers / Platforms

Responsive Tile Gallery is supported on IE8 and up, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, and most devices with web support.

Documentation / Support

Responsive Tile Gallery comes with complete documentation, from installation features to CSS theme customization!

This is not a WordPress Plugin.

Need help?Contact me through my profile.

Need Flickr Support?Check out theResponsive Flickr Galleryfor more information!

Your Voice Matters

100%of feature updates to the Responsive Tile Gallery were user suggestions. This is your product, and as such, you deserve the right to influence it.

Update History

Version 2.1June 1 2013

  • Fixed bugs I created. Thanks to my fine customers for pointing them out!

Version 2.0May 31 2013

  • Updated captions
  • Updated LightBox
  • Fixed jQuery 1.9 bugs
  • Reduced the amount of files required
  • Fixed a ton of small bugs

Version 1.3December 7th 2012

  • Added support for image captions
  • Added support for linking to a specific category ex:
  • Fixed IE7 and IE8 bug related to the initial appearance of images

Version 1.2November 15th 2012

  • Added acategoryOptionsobject that allows your to specify category details.
  • AddeddefaultCategoryoption tocategoryOptionsYou can now pick the initial category the gallery should show.
  • AddincludeAlloptions tocategoryOptionsThis allows you to enable or disable the ‘All’ category.
  • Added documentation for linking directly to a URL.
  • Removed CSS bug related to current category font color.

Version 1.1November 10th 2012

  • Images can now be in multiple categories
  • Added aninitialHeightoption
  • Fixed Opera and IE7 bugs
  • Improved sorting performance

Version 1.0October 27th 2012

  • Initial Release

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28 October 12

Last Update:
2 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS


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