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RegEx Extractor - Extract Everything Simply !

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RegEx Extractor - Extract Everything Simply ! - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Only 3 on 5 stars?!

Oh, I’m sure that some people have invalid regular expressions…
Because RegEx Extractor works like a charm! And I’m sure about that :)

Update 2.3

I fixed few stupid bugs and fully recoded the support of HTTPS URLs.
All should be working properly with this new version but if you find any issue, just let me know :)

Update 2.1

Few improvements and fixes. New option : RAW (it will save raw source-code of the page you try extract datas; extremly useful to optimize your regular expressions). Support of pages 7x heavier.

Update 2.0

Massive update! Now the software is fully multithreaded (extract on up to 500 URLs simultaneously). The regular expressions library is easy to use (copy one regex to clipboard in one click). A lot of new improvements. And a nice grey & blue interface.


RegEx Extractor works perfectly if your regular expression is correct. Please, double check before bad rating the tool. Thanks :)


Extract everything simply!

You can extract emails, proxies, IPs, phone numbers, addresses, HTML tags, URLs, links, dates,...

Just insert one or multiple regular expressions and sources URLs, and start process.
Extract, scrape, parse, harvest.

Usage examples
- Extract emails from old CSV address book.
- Extract image sources from HTML files.
- Extract proxies from online websites.
- Extract URLs results from Google.
- No limits…


Help file included.
Regular expressions samples library included.

Mac users?

A Mac OS X version is available recently on CodeCanyon :

Enjoy :)


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18 January 12

Last Update:
24 October 13

High Resolution:

Compatible OS Versions:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Application Runtime:


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