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PHP Scripts / Database Abstractions

Randomator Database Stuffit Generator

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Randomator Database Stuffit Generator - Item for Sale


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Randomator randomizes random ramblings to reproduce and replicate realworld responses requisitioned by righteous research requests to reach relentless recyclable rows of respectable non-redundant repetitious revocable raw data.
Really ridiculous right? Rinse & Repeat!

Cliff-notes Description

This script generates customizable realword random information and allows you to save it as an SQL file or to insert it directly into the database.


I recently was tasked with building 2 custom shopping cart scripts and a full blow financial/accounting script – all of which have the potential of gaining millions of rows in the database. Scripts have to be written a little differently when dealing with such large database numbers. A simple ajax call is no longer so simple;)In order to ensure my scripts can deal with millions of rows, I had to have a database stuffed with millions of rows – but I wanted realistic data to work with. So I took a small detour and build this Randomator Database Stuffit Generator.

What it does

Randomator Database Stuffit Generator pulls random info from predefined files – allowing you to customize the results to meet your needs. It also generates random info on the fly.Most importanlty, it products SQL files, AND/OR allows you to inject the data right into your database!!As if thats not enough, it will also allow you to save your configuration so you can generate more rows at a later time.

No Installation Required!!

Drop the folder to your server and that’s it! Load the index page and enter your database credentials and your all set!!


Randomly pulls an entry from customizable files.

List Entries File Size
First Names 15,499 149.56 KB
Last Names 18,840 192.62 KB
Street Names 27,086 482.05 KB
Town Names 9,480 127.23 KB
State [Name|Abb] 50 331 B
Zip Codes 42,742 622.44 KB
Country Names 239 4.95 KB
Email Addresses 29 500 B
Jobs 1,523 31.84 KB
Areacodes 322 4.12 KB
Credit Cards 754 6.75 KB
Cust Notes 150 92.37 KB

These are all in separate files so you can customize them to your local or needs.
The First and Last Names are multi-ethnicity.
The Street, Town, State Names, Zip Codes and Area Codes are all derived from the U.S. – though, it is very diverse.
Custom Notes are all Lorem Ipsum.


Carefully planned and cleverly designed, this script can generate just about anything containing letters, numbers and or symbols – no matter the format. For example: Phone Numbers, Credit Card numbers, Booleans [Yes|No, True|False, 1|0], Dates – in any format, Passwords, SKU’s, Tracking Codes, Routing Numbers,


The Patternizer allows you format just about anything. For example, if you wanted to generate a SKU number with a specific pattern, you can.

<thead> </thead> <tbody> </tbody>
You Want You Enter You Get Note
ABC-123 $$$-### ZPL-161 Notice the hyphen stayed the same
A1b2c3-| 9Z8y7X $# #+#| #$# #$ L0c8h7|-5D9o0Z Notice the hyphens and pipe stayed the same. Also note the capitalization of the letters
A1b2c3-| 9Z8y7X A# #+3| 9# #X A0f8u3|-93v0X The A, 3, 9, and X Stayed put because they where entered into the format field.

Team Work

The Randomator, Generator, and Patternizer all work seamlessly together to deliver exactly what you want.


All generated information is fictional and does not depict any actual person, place, event, or account. Any resemblance to actual person [living or dead], place, event, or account is entirely coincidental.
All generatedemail addresses are designed to fail!!For example ”.com” has been replaced with ”.cxm” as cxm is not a valid TLD and guaranteed to fail. This is to prevent possible abuse by email harvest bots.
*All generatedcredit card numbers are designed to fail!!They will not pass the Luhn-10 Algorithm test. The system will override any attempt to generate an authentic looking card number.

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15 January 12

Last Update:
15 January 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x, jQuery

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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