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HTML5 / Canvas

Rabid ScratchCard Effect

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Rabid ScratchCard Effect - Item for Sale


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Live Preview

Live Preview

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Wordpress version of Scratch card Effect

UPDATE 08/11/2012
  • Addedresponsivedesign

UPDATE 12/09/2012:New features added
  • updateOnFingerMove: new property to calculate % scratch done on touch devices
UPDATE 31/08/2012:New features added
  • Percentage revealed
  • Auto reveal on completion of set % limit
  • Callback functions for onComplete and onUpdate.

Updatedthe file to work with multiple elements at the same time and also updated how the data is to be supplied. Please re-download the files if you’re facing problems with multiple div elements


This is a JQuery plugin that simulates a scratch-off card effect using HTML5s canvas feature and implement it as a jQuery plugin for easy integration with your files.
You can use any image for both the fore-ground and back-ground.
You can set the size of reveal directly through the plugin options.

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19 July 12

Last Update:
9 November 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
HTML5, Other

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML


canvas scratch, clean, clear, erase, lottery, reveal, rub, scracth, scratch it, scratchcard, scratchit, show, sweep