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.NET / Miscellaneous

Public Data Navigation

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What is Public Data Navigation?

Public data navigation is a template code with c-sharp language ADO.NET and SQL database that does procedures such as select, insert, update, delete and filter.


  • Reduce the programming time
  • Reduce the program code
  • Compatible with any type
  • N-tier programming


  • SQl Server 2008 R2 or earlier
  • Visual Studio 2010 or earlier

How to use this product

It is very simple to use and the way of use this product is explained in help document completely.

For create database, table and stored procedure you need to run 3 queries as below which placed in SQL folder :

  • Create_DB.sql
  • Create_Tbl.sql
  • Create_SP.sql

Briefly you need to change your field name by your need in three parts:

  1. Change the parameter name of stored procedure
  2.  ( @StatementType nvarchar(20) = '', @ID nvarchar(50)=Null, @Name nvarchar(50)=Null, @Pic nvarchar(50)=Null, @Birthday nvarchar(50)=Null, @Birthdayt nvarchar(50)=Null, @Married nvarchar(50)=Null, @Status nvarchar(50)=Null, @Sex nvarchar(50)=Null ) AS BEGIN IF @StatementType = 'Insert' BEGIN insert into P_User ( [Name],[Pic],[Birthday],[Married],[Status],[Sex]) values ( @Name,@Pic,Convert(Date,@Birthday),@Married,Convert( bit,@Status),@Sex) END 
  3. Change the array of arr1 and arr2 in.cs file
  4.  string spName = "__User_InsertUpdateDelete"; DataTable dt = new DataTable(); string[] arr1 = new string[] { "@StatementType", "@ID", "@Name", "@Pic", "@Birthday", "@Married", "@Status", "@Sex" }; string[] arr2 = new string[] { "Insert", "", txt_Name.Text, FileUpload1.FileName, txt_birthday.Text, ddl_mar.SelectedValue, Convert.ToString(chk.Checked), rb_sex.SelectedValue }; DataNavigate.GDao.DataNav(spName, arr1, arr2, out dt); gridviewupdate(); emptyform();
  5. Change the control name in design form aspx

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3 January 13

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome

Files Included:
Active Server Page ASPX, C# CS, SQL, HTML, CSS

Software Version:
.NET 2.0,.NET 3.0,.NET 3.5,.NET 3.7,.NET 4.0


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