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JavaScript / Miscellaneous

Power Widgets - Manage and display your content

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Power Widgets - Manage and display your content - Item for Sale


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See the Power Widgets in action(minimal use)HERE

Manage and display your content with highly customizable sortable widgets. Works on desktop and tables like ipad android and blackberry.

Bootstrap version included!

These widgets can be used from application, to admin skins, from CMS tools to websites.

Have a request or and idea, just drop use a message


*** Version v2.5 / Jun 06, 2013

+ Fixed: the localstorage keys where not all the same, it is now

+ Update: onSave hook, you now can save data into a DB if needed

*** Version v2.4 / March 08, 2013

+ Fixed: issue with spinners in the AJAX widgets, they now show when the 
         content gets loaded

*** Version v2.3 / February 14, 2013

+ Updated: most of the callback/hook functions

*** Version v2.2 / January 07, 2013

+ Fixed: the bootstrapped grid in the demo
+ Fixed: issues with the localstorage

*** Version v2.1 / January 01, 2013

+ Update: jQuery core to 1.8.3
+ Update: jQuery UI core to 1.9.2
+ Added: callback function called 'onSave' which allows you to use AJAX to save the 
         settings, and postion to a database.
+ Added: to the calback functions 'customStart' and 'customEnd' a reference to the 
         used widget. To access the id use for example customStart: 
         function(id){ alert(id.attr('id')) }.
+ Added: support for Bootstrap, so you can use it with the bootstrap framework. 
         Please use the typeface font from font awesome  and NOT the included font, as
         these are images.     

*** Version v2.0 / December 27, 2012

+ Changed: a couple of options now have a default value
+ Updated: the plugin(not the panel plugin), to have a destroy methode, this can be 
           used if you want to add new widgets to the DOM.
+ Added: a callback function which runs if the DOM gets changed         

*** Version v1.3 / November 3, 2012

+ Fixed: issue with private browsing in IOS

*** Version v1.2 / September 8, 2012

+ Fixed: empty anchors, this can results with issues if you are using the 
         mobileboilerplate script.
+ Fixed: small bug in the panel plugin.
+ Added: touch events, the widgets respond better on mobile devices now.
+ Updated: the mobile helper script.(optional use)
+ Fixed: the empty button placeholder(no button no placeholder).

*** Version v1.1 / August 27, 2012

+ Added: a piece of code that connects the label to the checkbox(no need of using 
         a for attribute anymore).


  • Powered by jQuery
    • Powerd by the almighty jQuery library. Tested with 1.7.2 and 1.8.
    • jQuery UI library included.
  • Works with bootstrapNeeds a column based grid instead on a row based grid!
  • HTML5 localstorage api
    • Stores the settings and postions of the widgets.
    • Options to delete single keys.
    • Works in most browsers(yes even IE).
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Free icons set included
    • Come’s in 3 sizes and 3 colors.
    • Layerd PSD files included.
  • Custom grid included
    • As these widgets do best if there build on a grid we made a grid framework for it, and we included it for free in this theme.
    • Can be used in responsive designs.
  • Out of the box
    • You can do a lot with these widgets, just add a couple of extra css rules and you can do a lot of things with these power widgets.
  • 5 Action buttons
    • Toggle content.
    • Delete widget.
    • Edit widget(style and title)
    • Go fullscreen.
    • Build your own custom button/action.
  • AJAX
    • The power widgets have the option to load content with AJAX.
    • Show a last updated timestamp.
    • Refresh by using the refresh button.
    • Auto refresh the widgets every xxxx seconds/minutes.
  • Full and lite version
    • If you dont need the fancy stuff go for the lite version.
  • RTL support
    • Included the RTL support options.
  • Included free management plugin
    • Included a optional management panel plugin.(we will upgraded in time)
  • Commented code
    • Heavily commented(except minifyed versions) plugins, in case you need to change something.
  • Sortable widgets
    • The widgets are sortable and the positions will be stored in the HTML5 local storage.
    • Included the option to be sortable on tablets and phones.
  • Crossbrowser support
    • The power widgets works in every modern browser on windows, ios, osx, android, blackberry and windows phone.

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27 August 12

Last Update:
7 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, Layered PSD


ajax, crossbrowser, css3, custom grid, free icons, html5, ipad, localstorage, management, responsive, rtl support, sortable, tablet, widget