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Post Status Notifier

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Notify everything!

You want to be notified when one of your contributors submitted a new post for revision or an editor published one? Vice versa you want to notify your contributors when their posts got published?
This is just the beginning of what you can achieve with Post Status Notifier (PSN)!

It works with all kind of custom post types, supports all custom taxonomies like categories and tags of other plugins. You can grab all these taxonomy values and custom fields attached to a post and use them as placeholders in your custom notification texts. PSN has a powerful conditional template syntax featuring many filters and functions to get the most out of the placeholders!

Define as many notification rules as you need with all kind of settings, like custom CC, BCC and FROM emails addresses. PSN is extensible! Build your custom module to implement a new notification service.

PSN works great with plugins like WP Job Manager (read the blog post), (read the blog post), Crowdfunding by Astoundify (read the blog post), WP User Frontend (read the blog post) or Advanced Custom Fields, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless. Want to automate your publishing workflow with Buffer? No problem!

Plugin homepage:

kwilllamroman Post Status Notifier hOUrS 890 Extra comments from the Because PSN just that AWESOME!


Mail Queue Deferred Sending NEW 1.7 term 0set

  • New in version 1.7: Mail Queue
  • Handle large amounts of generated notification emails by sending them deferred
  • Customize max amount, mail queue execution recurrence and max tries on errors
  • Optionally log successfully sent emails in the mail queue log
  • Uses WordPress’s internal Cron API to trigger mail queue execution

Customizable Notifcation Rules 0tv

  • Define custom notification rules
  • Categories filter: Include or exclude categories (even from custom post types) from notifications
  • Create custom email texts with support for many placeholders
  • Supports user roles (custom roles too) as email recipients
  • Import / export of your notification rules
  • Custom sender e-mail. Define the notification sender (FROM) per rule or as a default in the options.

HTML emails

  • Support for HTML mails
  • Create email templates for reusability

Supports Custom Post Types

  • Support for posts, pages and all custom post types
  • Support for all post status values

Placeholders nos

  • You can choose from a variety of placeholders to perfectly adapt the email texts to your needs
  • Dynamic placeholders: You will be able to fetch every custom field or taxonomy attached to your posts
  • Placeholder filters: Completely adjust the content of placeholders to your needs (supports the filters of the famous PHP template engine Twig)

Conditional templates

  • Use PSN’s powerful conditional template syntax to dynamically create your notification texts
  • Many filters to change the placeholder contents
  • Conditions (if, elseif, else) and Loops
  • Use special functions to access any kind of data e.g. wp.get_userdata( [post_author] )

Recipients lists VSt

  • Store your recipients email addresses in custom lists. No need to create WordPress user accounts for each recipient.

Many Options cseae yoU yoU OSt.1I

  • Supports SMTP. You find all necessary SMTP settings to connect your SMTP server in the options section.
  • WordPress multisite compatible
  • Optional logging: Logs status changes based on your rules
  • Dashboard widget showing the latest log entries
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Included translations: english, german
  • Support in english and german via Zendesk:
  • Tested on Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Built on our WordPress Plugin Framework


  • PSN is ready to be extended by custom modules (see the manual)
  • Implement support for your own notification / messaging service
  • Add custom placeholders to perfectly adjust PSN to your plugin or theme
  • Endless possibilities…
  • Please contact me if you have questions about extending PSN

What customers say

provdes Post Status Notifier day ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Great plugin, great support and documentation from the author too. Qstylez Post Status Notifier days ago Main Code Quality Extra comments from the thank you for this good working plugin morktron Post Status Notifier days ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Post Status Notifier much needed plugin. easy use, works well, but the best thing about the support which amazingi lztalo Post Status Notifier days ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Quick and professional supporti Suporte profissionall AtenciOn profesionall Thanks lotll!lill!iIllIllhlIlli

“Great plugin, look through maybe 7 plugins until found this one and it is the best.”
- misolek

“just got the pro version and it’s working great, awesome plugin man and thanks for your excellent support”
- nomadone

“This plugin is very intuitive and works great. Very helpful support. Top notch!”
- Rick

“Thank you for your great support – the plugin works great now and has accomplished what 5 other commercial and free plugins couldn’t – to provide simple and configurable email notifications for WP status changes.”
- Jon

Who is using it?

Wottipress WODpess Plugin The Gadgeteer MEERJOBS Gist reif die Insel. wirf die Leinen Ios

Use cases

Here are some simple examples of how you can use Post Status Notifier. You can easily adapt the notification rules to your own use case.

Use Case Pending Post Contributor sub new post Submit for Review BlogAdmin receives

You host a blog / website with several authors and you want to be informed when a new post is ready for review? This rule sends a notification email to the blog admin when a new post got submitted for review.

Use Case The Happy Author Publish Contributor receives notification and happy! Post gets published

This rule sends an email to the author of a post when it got published.

Use Case The Pedantic Admin Save Dratt Move Trash SibntkcReiiew Publish every post status transition Blog Admin receives notification

This rule is for blog admins who want to be informed about every single post status change.

Use Case Connect with Buffer IIc iuffeic Submit your Buffer email Post gets published

If you are using Buffer for automatically sharing your WordPress posts with your social profiles, PSN can do the job for you. See how it works in this blog post.


  • WordPress >= 3.3
  • PHP >= 5.2.4


Apply for beta testing (include your license key)

Version 1.8
  • Limitations: Configure how often a rule may match a post status transition based on Rule / Post / Status After combination.


Version 1.7 – Release: 09.12.2014
  • New feature: Mail Queue (Deferred sending)
  • Improved logging: Shows detailed email contents now, including HTML mails
  • Bugfix: Placeholder [post_editlink] could not be replaced in case of users without edit rights changed the post status (e.g. if the permission exceeded in the meantime but he still gets emails)
  • Bugfix: Mail template HTML editor produced an JS error when opened in edit mode in Firefox
Version 1.6.3 – Release: 21.10.2014
  • Bugfix: Service section environment info metabox could break in certain cases
  • Bugfix: FROM was empty if no custom FROM was set
  • Improvement: Rule and mail template export could break when other plugins interfered via filters
  • Fix: Rule placeholder help screen showed “post_featured_image_src” which should be “post_featured_image_url”
Version 1.6.2 – Release: 15.09.2014
  • Bugfix in custom tags handling
Version 1.6.1 – Release: 14.09.2014
  • Major improvements for the support of Categories and Tags.
  • Major improvements for the support of Custom Fields
  • Major improvements for the support of Scheduled Posts.
Version 1.6 – Release: 23.08.2014
  • New feature: Support for conditions, loops, functions and filters in subject and body texts. Enables to access any kind of data attached to a post. Allows to create dynamic texts.
  • New feature: Block notifications options in Post submit box. Lets you decide to completely block notifications before you update / create a post.
  • New feature: One email per TO recipient. Notifications can get send in a loop with one email per TO recipient disregarding CC and BCC recipients. This feature is has Beta status.
  • New placeholder: [post_categories_array] Contains an array for easy use with filters
  • New placeholder: [post_tags_array] Contains an array for easy use with filters
  • New placeholder: [post_custom_fields_array] Contains an array for easy use with filters
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_25] Contains the first 25 words of the post content
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_50] Contains the first 50 words of the post content
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_75] Contains the first 75 words of the post content
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_100] Contains the first 100 words of the post content
  • New placeholder: [post_content_strip_tags] The post content without HTML tags
  • New placeholder: [post_featured_image_url] If a post has a featured image, this placeholders contains its URL
  • New placeholder: [post_featured_image_width] The featured image width
  • New placeholder: [post_featured_image_height] The featured image height
  • New placeholder: [recipient_first_name] Only works in “One email per TO recipient” mode. The firstname of the recipient if it is available in the user profile.
  • New placeholder: [recipient_last_name] Only works in “One email per TO recipient” mode. The lastname of the recipient if it is available in the user profile.
  • New custom post status: “Not trash” will match every status but “Trash”
Version 1.5.2 – Release: 03.06.2014
  • Bugfix: In some cases the service section produced an error message (Call to undefined function apache_get_version())
Version 1.5.1 – Release: 13.05.2014
  • Improvement: Duplicate recipients get removed
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the Logger module (Sent emails haven’t been logged correctly)
Version 1.5 – Release: 06.05.2014
  • New feature: HTML mail support and email templates. Prepare your email templates once and select them for different notification rules.
  • New feature: Auto-update via WordPress backend. Never have to upload the files via FTP again. You have to enter your license code in the plugin’s settings.
  • New feature: More flexible To, Cc, Bcc selection. Multiple selections are possible now.
  • New feature: Editor restriction. Select one or more roles the editor of a post must be member of so that the notification will be generated.
  • New feature: Recipients lists. Manage email addresses without the need to create user accounts.
  • New custom post status “Not pending”: Matches all post status values except “pending”
  • New custom post status “Not private”: Matches all post status values except “private”
  • New placeholder [post_editlink]: Contains the backend edit URL
  • Removed post types “attachement”, “nav_menu_item” from rule settings as they are not treated like post types (have no status before/after)
  • Support for placeholders in FROM
  • Refactoring for performance improvements
Version 1.4.1 – Release: 11.02.2014 Version 1.4 – Release: 05.02.2014
  • New custom placeholders which will specifically match custom categories and tags registered with your blog.
  • New feature:Dynamic placeholders: You will be able to fetch every custom field attached to your posts.
  • New feature: Placeholder filters. This is a very powerful feature. You can use all filters of the famous PHP template engine Twig to manipulate the output of all placeholders PSN offers you, including the new dynamic placeholders.
  • New feature: Import / Export notification rules
  • New feature: Copy notification rules
  • New feature: New recipient type “Individual e-mail”. Enter a custom e-mail address as main recipient (TO).
  • New feature: Custom sender e-mail. Define the notification sender per rule or as a default in the options.
  • New notification rule status “Not published”. This will match every post status but “publish”.
  • New placeholder: [post_format]
Version 1.3 – Release: 08.01.2014
  • New feature: Notification rules have a categories filter now
  • New placeholder: [post_permalink] can be used for notification texts. Contains the post’s permalink (uses WP internal get_permalink function)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which occured when not logged in users changed post status in the frontend
  • Bugfix: German language fix
  • Improvement: Backend adjusted to new WordPress 3.8 layout

Version 1.2.1 – Release: 28.09.2013

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where scheduled items did not get notified when published by cron

Version 1.2 – Release: 12.09.2013

  • New feature: Notification rule recipient supports user roles (default and custom roles) and special all users
  • Improvement: The plugin now is completely multisite compatible
  • Bugfix: Single quotes in blog name will be shown correctly now

Version 1.1 – Release: 22.08.2013

  • New feature: Bcc field. Set Bcc recipients for your notification rules.
  • New feature: SMTP mode. If you want to send many notifications and have a SMTP mail server, PSN now supports it. You find all necessary SMTP settings in the options section.
  • New feature: Plugin selftester. The plugin ships with some selftesting routines you can trigger manually in the plugin dashboard.
  • Minor bugfixing: Now fully compatible with Windows Server 2008 / PHP 5.2

Version 1.0.3 – Release: 07.06.2013

  • Further improvements: Removed dependency to PDO at all

Version 1.0.2 – Release: 03.06.2013

  • Bugfix: Recipient “Post author” did not work for notification rules
  • Bugfix: Plugin activation could produce error with PHP 5.2 (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM …)

Version 1.0.1 – Release: 31.05.2013

  • Removed dependency to PHP pdo_mysql (framework database models now work with native wpdb object)
  • Improved backwards compatibility up to WP 3.3 (tested on 3.3.x / 3.4.x / 3.5.x)
  • Adjusted log timestamp format to blog date/time settings

Version 1.0.0 – Initial Release: 26.05.2013

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28 May 13

Last Update:
9 December 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Compatible With:
WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3


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