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Polaroid Slider for WordPress

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Polaroid Slider for WordPress - Item for Sale


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Polaroid slider mimics the feeling of the old-style polaroid photographs. It’s a powerful javascript-css slider using CSS3 and jQuery! Create slides with image, video or HTML content or generate slides from your favorite flickr or 500px feeds.

Polaroid Features Image HTML content Slider Slide Generator for Rickr and SOOpx xml feeds Fully customisable layout Label placement and animation setup iii Slider Features bslides with mobile drag support Responsive size and scroll support Fuliscreen Navigation bar and navigatiu

Tested with all major browser versions including internetexploder 7-8and variety of mobile devices!



  • Easy setup, easy to use
  • User and browser friendly administrator page
  • Multiple Sliders per page
  • Possible to add sublidesfor each slide!Mobile touchdevices also supported!
  • “Content Drag Effect” with subslides – Seethis demo
  • Shortcodes can be inserted into pages, post and widgets as well
  • Polaroid slider widget also included
  • Handles image slides, video and custom HTML slides
  • Customisable Slider animations
  • Uses the built-in WordPress media uploader
  • Wide browser support (eveninternet explorer 7-8!)
  • Font selector (100+ fonts!) with classic web fonts andGoogle web Fonts
  • Slide generatorfor and rss feeds.
  • ResponsiveWidth!
  • Autoplay options (timeout, restart)
  • Fullscreen mode (depending on the size of the actual window)
  • Customisable navigation bar (squares with CSS3 capabilities)
  • Customisable navigation arrows
  • Advanced HTML labels withpositioning, coloring, opacityandanimationoptions
  • 50+ slider and slide options!
  • Adjustable init and move animations

Please rate this item if you liked it! If you have troubles, then please contact me via thesupportform, we will figure out a solution!:)

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v1.10 (2013.02.07)
* Wordpress 3.5 compatibility

v1.01 (2012.10.15)
* iPad issues fix

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11 October 12

Last Update:
12 March 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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