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Plus One 2 Unlock for Wordpress

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Plus One 2 Unlock for Wordpress - Item for Sale


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Latest update: 27 Dec 2012. Version: 2.0.0. Platform: for Wordpress.

The Plus One 2 Unlock plugin allows to lock a part of content on a page until the user clicks on the Google Plus One Button. What’s more, you can show the locker only for Google Plus users, and hide it for others.

Do you know Google places sites that have more plusoners higher in the search results?

Use the Plus One 2 Unlock plugin on your site and give people a reasonwhy they need to click the button. Even if people like your content they don’t click the buttons because they don’t worry about you, your benefits or your traffic. It’s not their problem.

But ask people to “pay” with a +1 to get access to your content, to get discount, to download, to watch a video, to view a funny picture or so. And it will start to work as it should be!

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Key Features

  • Allows to show the locker only for Google Plus users, and hide it for others.
  • Any url can be specified to +1.
  • Remembers userswho already clicked like on your content.
  • Comes with professionally designed themes (100% customizable).
  • Provides an ability to load content viaajax(dynamically).
  • Unlimited number of locks using on the page with the blocked content!
  • Full integration with the already installed +1 buttons!
  • Comes with theTimerwhich counts down from a specified interval and unlocks content without +1. It’s an optional feature.
  • Provides theClose Buttonthat allows lo unlock content without +1. It’s an optional feature.
  • Works with any websites.
  • Compatible withall the popular browsers(including mobile).
  • Blocking any type of content: text, videos, images, links, forms and more.
  • Provides events for developers: Unlock, Lock, Ready and others.

Also Plus One Unlock for jQuery available only

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Change Log

The 3 latest updates

v.2.0.0 – 27 Dec 2012
The feature, that allows to show the locker only for Google Plus users, and hide it for others, was added.

v.1.5.0 – 28 Nov 2012
Ajax support added. It allows to load content dynamically after unlocking.

v.1.0.0 – 15 Oct 2012
Initial Commit. OnePress Counter

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15 October 12

Last Update:
27 December 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, jQuery

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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