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JavaScript / Shopping Carts

plum.Shop - A jQuery Shopping Cart

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plum.Shop - A jQuery Shopping Cart - Item for Sale


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Have questions?

To all who have left comments asking questions these past couple months, and those who may ask questions in the future: If you need help, please email me from my profile page. I’ve been quite busy and am just getting back on track. Email is the fastest way for me to help you.

Current version: 2.5; 13 October, 2012 is aJavaScript shopping cartbuilt on the jQuery library. It’s super easy to set up, has support for just about any necessity in an e-commerce store, and atless than 25 KB, you get quite a bit of bang for a very small footprint. features

  • AJAX-ready.Pages using can be loaded with AJAX without calling the plugin again
  • Build an entire store with simple,straightforward HTML markup
  • Over30 customizable optionsand callback functions
  • Multiple tax bracketsfor countries, regions and local taxes
  • Multiple shippingoptions
  • 5 included checkout methods including custom checkout,PayPal, Google, AmazonandSkrill
  • 3 cart storage methods includingHTML5 localStorage, browser cookies, andserver-side sessions
  • Set up multiple carts per page


  • Custom, extremely easy-to-usecurrency formatting
  • Geolocationfor taxes

Fine-tuned shipping

  • Flat, fixed, variable or range shipping types.
  • Set costs invarying shipping bracketsusing the range type

Powerful tax options

  • Single tax rate
  • Multiple taxes on a single order
  • Regional taxesbased on your customer’s location
  • UseVATorsales tax

Unlimited product options

  • Offerunlimited optionsfor each of your products
  • Automatically generate SKU numbersfor various option combinations
  • Adjust prices per option

Browser requirements

  • Mozilla Firefox 2 or newer
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 3 or newer
  • Opera 9 or newer
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or newer

Software requirements

  • jQuery 1.4.1 or newer

Pretty sweet. How do I use it?

Set up is a quick 4 steps.Plum will work on any page where you load the necessary scripts, so you can have a gallery of products, single product pages, and your checkout page all separated.

  1. Include jQuery and

    <script src="/js/jquery.js"></script>
    <script src="/js/"></script>
  2. Set up your products. Any element with a “product” class (this can be changed) is a cart container. You can have one, ten, a thousand containers on a page.

    <div class="product" id="sku-01">
        <span class="title">My awesome product</span>
        <span class="price">$10.00</span>
        <input class="purchase" 
            value="Add to cart">
  3. Create a container for the cart display.

    <div id="cart"></div>
  4. Include your cart’s configuration. This is where you can customize how each item looks in the cart, create multiple carts, and add any options you may need.

    $('#cart').plum('shop', {
        cartitem: '{title} — {pricesingle} '
            + '× {quantity} — '
            + '{pricetotal}',
        paypaluser: 'hello',
        paypaldomain: ''

Super Thanks!

As usual, an awesome community is the only way plum.Shop can grow to its full potential. These are people who particularly stand out and have helped me along the way.

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3 August 11

Last Update:
14 October 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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