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PList Directory With Multilevel Search & Sorting

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PList Directory With Multilevel Search & Sorting - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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This pList Directory makes it simple to populate a list of data from an external plist(xml like text file). It is simple to integrate and can handle any amount of data that provides a better experience for finding fellow employees/members and can send SMS or mails from your mobile with a single click to desired member.

Use this pList Directory template to keep company’s employee/staff information organized. This could be used for a directory of product stockiest, phone directory, email directory, a list of details …. or a directory of anything text based with image placeholder.

Technically, the application is probably the best place for pure beginners to learn android, as it is built using best practices for extensible medium to large applications. That said, it is a great starting point for building your own directory listing.


• Simple to update plist file.

• Add unlimited number of directory listings.

• Easily edit the text fonts, style and size.

• Includes a section of text description of members.

• Powerful multilevel sorting & searching

• Supports Image placeholders

• Send SMS or mails from your mobile with a single click.

Example snippet from plist file


<string>Sanjib Nanda </string>
<string>[email protected]</string>
<string> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</string>


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25 July 12

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Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 3.1, Android 4.0


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