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PHP Site Map (and Google Sitemap)

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PHP Site Map (and Google Sitemap) - Item for Sale


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This PHP script is perfect for all those static HTMLwebsites out there. It allows you to quickly and easily display an automatic site mapwith links to all of all the files on your website. If you add a new HTML file to your website, it will automatically appear in the site map.

How it works

The script searches your website for a list of files and displays them in a nice looking tree hierarchy. The tree can easily be styled with css (or you can use the default style that comes with it). The script will onlydisplay certain file types (eg: .php, .htm, .html) which can be changed in the configuration. You can also easily “hide” files that you do not want to display in the site map.
Check out the automatic php sitemap demoto see it in action.

Google XML Sitemap

Google allows you to send it an XML representation of your website. Submitting your XML site map is done through Google Webmaster ToolsAn XML site map can help search engines find all your website pages, without having to “crawl” through links. An XML site map also shows when a page last changed, which help search engines keep up to date with your website content.
You can view a sample XML site mapas generated by this script, or read more about Google Sitemaps.

Advanced Users

If you have a dynamic side to your website (eg: database driven shopping cart) it is possible to modify this script to ‘also’ display a complete list of products from your database. If you know PHP well then you should have no problems figuring this out. If you’re nice I might even be able to help you with some coding :)

Installation Instruction

A help file with instructions comes inside the purchased ZIP file, you can also view the instructions and more information by clicking hereThe files from the live demo also come in the purchased file.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

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10 July 09

Last Update:
10 July 09

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, jQuery

Software Framework:

Files Included:


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