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JavaScript / Images and Media

Parallaximus — Responsive 3D Parallax Widget

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Easy to use javascript plugin which allows you to decorate your site with responsive 3d parallax widgets (banners), each of which is a pleasure to interact with not only on desktop browsers but also on modern mobile devices.

Latest update: 1.0.1 (February 13, 2013)


  • Cool 3D effects.Parallaximus uses CSS3 3d transforms for all browsers that qualitatively support them.
  • Responsive design.Widget size can be dynamically changed down to mobile devices in two different ways.
  • Playful mobile support.Totally new way to interact with parallax widget on modern mobile devices.
  • onMouseout centering easing.Smooth levelling animation when mouse leaves Parallaximus.
  • Cross-browser & cross-platform.IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. Windows, iOS, Linux.
  • Unminified Source.You will recieve full unminified version of js code.
  • Remote controlling with API.Options and API are well-documented and easy to use.
  • Use your favorite js-framefork.Both jQuery and MooTools are supported.

Simplified content preparation

  • PSD.Parallaximus contains all demos psd layouts with marked layers’ positions.
  • Images.Just replace existent demos images and correct dimensions to obtain working product.
  • HTML, CSS.Easy semantics simplifies widget preparation. Independent CSS won’t clash against other page elements.
  • Detailedstep-by-step guideon how to create a widget using existing demos and their PSD layouts.


v.1.0.1 Animation improvements (February 13, 2013)

* Added hover animation (thanks to tips4design for the feedback)
* Default FPS was increased from 30 to 60 (still can be changed by options)

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12 February 13

Last Update:
13 February 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
jQuery, MooTools 1.4, MooTools 1.4.5

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Layered PSD, Layered PNG


banner, javascript, jquery, mobile, mootools, parallax, plugin, responsive