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HTML5 / Storage

noteApp HTML5

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noteApp HTML5 - Item for Sale


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What is?

NoteApp is a note aplication made with HTML5 technology and with JavaScript, jQuery and CSS3 . Combining modern features to create a great system that is very usefull.(See bellow the features list!)

The NoteApp is a system that allow to your users record notes about your pages and in future visits, acess this notes and get the adress of the page. Is like a Favorite system, but NoteApp combine this with a annotation system, the advantage is that the favorite system is only to your website, making much easier to your user localize a page of your website.

Other advantage is that you don’t need of DataBases, PHP Scripts, your users don’t need log in, all the data is stored in the user computer. This means MORE SPACE to your server and MORE SPEED to your user write a personal comment and store your page adress!

Features – The cool of this App

  • A Complete annotation and favorite system to your website, your user can record the pages and create a personal note about that!
  • A very nice design with great transitions and movimentation effects! This combine with your website!
  • You can customize all the app, changing the colors and images to combine perfectly with your website design
  • Easy to integrate in your website, only 3 steps with fews lines of code and the noteApp is in your website!
  • noteApp detect if the user browser support the app, if not, the app don’t is created! Your website will stay free of errors!
  • A complete documentation, simple and objetive! Made to beginners and with a commented CSS file to you create your own theme!
  • 3 Default Theme!
  • The notes and favorites will stay in user browser even if the cache is cleaned!
  • And much more! Improve the experience of your user,buy it now!

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2 September 10

Last Update:
2 September 10

Compatible Browsers:
Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Firefox, IE8, Opera, Safari

Files Included:
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG


annotations, comments, html5, keynote, localstorage, user notes