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No Downtime Maintenance Mode

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No Downtime Maintenance Mode - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Live site preview, no need for maintenance mode. Modify your WordPress site, including theme templates and CSS without your visitors seeing your changes until you’re ready. No downtime, no redirection – business as usual for your visitors while you make changes behind the scenes.

If you’ve ever needed to make changes to your website without suffering downtime, then this plugin is for you. With the No Downtime Maintenance Mode plugin, you can make changes to your website, including theme template changes, CSS or info pages which your visitors cannot see until you’re happy with them. Normally you’d need to install a Maintenance Mode type plugin while you tinker with your layout, or test out new widgets.

Now you can install the No Downtime Maintenance Mode plugin instead and allow your users to continue accessing your site as normal, while you work on the layout and content behind the scenes. When this plugin is active any changes you make within your WordPress dashboard will NOT be visible to other visitors to your website.

While in Preview Mode you can also FTP changes to template files, CSS or use the built in WordPress theme template file editor to change PHP code, all without your visitors being interrupted. It’s business as usual on the front end, while the back end is being re-arranged to your hearts content. Being able to use FTP means you can (re)code your site in the editor of your choice, on the platform of your choice.

Work in preview mode within your dashboard until your edits are finished and when you are ready set it live to the public and the new edits will then be displayed showing all your changes: posts, pages, themes, menus, links, settings and more!

The following list highlights some of the things that you can change within your dashboard that won’t show up to your visitors until you ‘Save Your Changes’.

Add New Post/Page
Delete Post/Page
Edit Post/Page
Add Navigation Menu
Change Themes
Edit Theme Template Files (NEW)
Change Appearance Settings
Activate/Deactivate Plugins
Activate/Deactivate Widgets
Change Post/Page Layouts
Add/Edit/Delete Links
Change Settings such as;
Permalink Structure
Site Title
Site Tagline
Site Visibility (aka privacy)
Most other items under the Settings Menu
bbPress Forum modifications (if bbPress is installed)

This list isn’t exhaustive, there are many other settings that will be covered by this plugin too.

This plugin IS MultiSite compatible with WordPress 3.5 through to 4.1.1

Limitations To Use This plugin works at the WordPress database and current theme directory level. If your theme, or some other plugin that you might be using operates outside of the WordPress database or writes outside of the current theme directory then this plugin cannot assist with that. You will still need to use a Maintenance Mode type of plugin in this instance.

Some plugins write to the blogs.dir directory in MultiSite installations, others write directly to wp-content directory. But plugins which do that are very few and far between, most themes and plugins do use the standard WordPress database and write to the current theme directory and are therefore compatible with the No Downtime Maintenance Mode plugin.

For further questions and support, please visit

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26 July 12

Last Update:
9 April 15

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Software Version:
WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6


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