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Ninja Popups for WordPress

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Ninja Popups for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Ninja Popups combines a professionally designed popups to convert visitors on your site/blog into taking an action whether its subscribing into your newsletter, offering a discount/coupon for leaving customers, or locking content until they share you will increase your subscriber count and social signal of your site/blog.

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Key Features:

  • Exit Intent!
  • Open when user scrolled XX% page!
  • Open after X sec of inactivity (no mouse or keyboards actions)!
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking integration
  • A/B Testing
  • Traffic Bouncer popups
  • Easy to Configuration (No coding required!)
  • Great Popups Design (many color, many layouts)
  • Highly Customizable!
  • Translation Ready!
  • Full APi integration with mailing services
  • Free Upgrades
  • You can create Unlimited Popups
  • Samples Presets Included (in XML file)
  • Display Popup on load page
  • Display Popup on close/leave page
  • Page level Targeting (different popups for each post/page, turn popup on/off for all page or for few pages/posts)
  • Close button (show button: yes/no, custom close button text, auto close popup)
  • Social Network Locker (you can lock page)
  • Newsletter Locker (you can lock page)
  • Statistics
  • Time Display Settings (start date, end date)
  • Open Delay (open popup delay in seconds)
  • MailChimp Support
  • MyMail Support
  • Wysija Support
  • AWeber Support
  • GetResponse Support
  • Campaign Monitor Support
  • iContact Support
  • Constant Contact Support
  • Direct Mail for OS X Support
  • Store Opt-ins in CSV file or Send by Email
  • Submit Opt-in Form to Custom Url
  • Facebook Support
  • Facebook Likebox in Your Popup
  • Twitter Support
  • Google+ Support
  • LinkedIn Support
  • Pinterest Support
  • Excellent Customer Support (24h)
  • Powered by jQuery

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Ninja Popups for Wordpress Ninja Popups for Wordpress


 3.9: - minor bugs fixes, - Infusionsoft API fix, 3.8.2: - Fix in Constant Contact integration, 3.8.1: - Improved WPML Support, v3.8: - e-GOI support, - Better compatibility with CloudFlare, v3.7: - JS Performance fix, - PHP fixes, v3.6: - Auto Updates, - SendPress Support, - Select Popups by Taxonomies, - MyMail: double/single optin setting, - Added New Theme 8, - PNGs optimalization, - Performance updates, - Minor bugs fixed, v3.5: - MyMail 2.0 Support, - better Custom Fields validation, - minor bugs fixed, v3.4: - statistics reset link, - setting Popups by Categories, - better WooCommerce support, - MailChimp: send welcome message setting, - Constant Contact: send welcome message setting, v3.3.4 - few minor bugs fix - z-index fix v3.3: - Open Popup on Scroll, - Open Popup after X sec of User Inactivity, - Google Analytics Event Tracking, - Cloning popups feature, - One button mode in New Theme 6 and 7 - JS and CSS fixes and optimization, - fixes in A/B testing, v3.2.1: - 2 New Themes (traffic bouncer popups), - API Support, - hidden type in custom fields, - added GET/POST/COOKIE variable to prevent loading popup (http://domain/page?nphide=1) - selftest warning (check CURL, safe mode, WP version), - FB locale settings, - CSS fixes in the themes, - no more cookies feature v3.1: - A/B Testing, - Analytics, - Improving performance (JS, CSS), - Double/Single Optin option for MailChimp, v3.0.2 - fix for few minor bugs v3.0.1 - fix for new themes - small bugs fix v3.0 - 5 New Themes, - MadMimi support, - Infusionsoft support, - Custom Fields support, - Exit Intent, - Success message after submit, - Fixed many small bugs, v2.5 - fix for new MailChimp API, v2.4 - new MailChimp API, v2.3 - general fixes, - fixes for minor CSS bugs, v2.2 - fix for files paths, - better HTML Forms support, - Direct Mail for OS X support, v2.1 - fixes in responsive layouts, - option for open popup by link in menu, - multiple mailing lists, v2.0 - general fixes, - fixes in responsive layouts, v1.9 - responsive, v1.8 - added: disabled welcome/exit popup for logged users, - added: exit popup for external links in menu, sidebars, footer etc. - fixed minor bugs, v1.7 - Added button for shortcodes, - Fix for last/first name in opt-ins, v1.6.2 - Loading text on submit button, - renamed jquery.cookie.js to, - general fixes, v1.6.1 - new media uploader, v1.6 - new themes, - general fixes, v1.5 - option for disable plugin columns in posts/pages list, - fixed minor bugs, - MyMail support, v1.4 - Wysija support, - fixed minor bugs, v1.3 - AWeber support, - fixed conflict with themes based on nhp framework, - fixed problem with shortcode and content builder plugins, - added autoopen param to shortcode, - fix for links with singles quotes, - better catching when user is leaving website in exit popups, v1.2 - fixed bugs in JS, - fixed bugs in CSS, - fix for windows server, - added Google Maps Popup, - fixed bug in preview. v1.1 - fixed placeholder in IE, - added shortcode for open popup by link in content, - added "Redirect after opt-in", - added column Ninja Popups in posts/pages list, - added cookie settings. 

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24 November 12

Last Update:
24 April 15

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Compatible With:
WPML, WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x, WooCommerce 1.6.x

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6


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