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Show the latest news, tutorials or tweets based on RSS feeds. With this jQuery plugin you can show single or multiple RSS feeds in a news widget. You can choose to show only the latest items or the show random items. The plugin has lots of settings so you can completly customize the look and feel of the widget so that it fits in the design of your website.

If youneed a WordPress versionof this, you can use myWordPress Widget Bundleor you can buy the separateWordPress news widget.


  • Use single RSS feed
  • Use multiple RSS feeds
  • Sort on post date
  • Show random items
  • Optional Refresh every x seconds
  • Fade in animation time
  • Optional open link in new page
  • Limit description characters
  • Choose number of items to show
  • Pretty dates
  • Modify item text before showing on screen
  • Full documentation included
  • 4 Examples included


v1.7.0 (12/05/2011) 
* Add linked title option
* Support latest jQuery
* Hide image tags when there are no images
* Solved caching problem

v1.6.2 (28/10/2011)
* Use vars multiple times in format setting

v1.6.1 (19/09/2011)
* Empty timestamp bug fixed
* Strip html apply based on setting stripHtml

v1.6.0 (09/08/2011)
* Remove console.log (breaks IE)
* Support for ATOM feeds
* Parse feeds in proxy for performance boost
* Pretty date
* Stop browser cache
* Integration of CURL and file_get_contents
* Support for showing first image (See preview 5)
* Better format system

v1.5 (20/04/2011)
* Show single news items in chronological order

v1.4 (08/011/2010)
* Fixed console problem

v1.3 (07/10/2010)
* Fixed combined RSS sort

v1.2 (02/08/2010)
* Duplicate entries on refresh fixed

v1.1 (15/04/2010)
* Fixed security problem in proxy

v1.0 (15/04/2010)
* Initial version released

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15 April 10

Last Update:
9 November 10

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


blogroll, feeds, jquery, news, plugin, reader, rotator, rss, ticker, twitter