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myRest - Easy REST client

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myRest - Easy REST client - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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myRest is an easy to use REST client, and Remote Forms Interfacer packed in one file, ready to handle all the hard job of interacting with all API’s, webforms, or every task wich involve comunicate with other sites

From get twitter statuses, save cookies, or check status code, to upload files; Everything you need is here!

Main Features:

  • Interact with API’s like youtube, twitter, vimeo, etc.
  • Interact with login forms, or another type of sites.
  • Use different methods to archieve your needs. GET,POST,PUT,DELETE.
  • Handle cookies: send, receive and/or save it into a file, for later use.
  • Upload files.
  • Login into non-API sites.
  • Basic Auth.
  • Automatic parser, don’t need to worry about response, myRest choose the apropiate type of content and parse it, such like: XML,JSON,PHP or RAW data.
  • Control every sended header.
  • Use SSL certificates
  • Get every response header and status code.
  • Quick mode, use only one line to make requests.
  • Debug mode, to see exactly what’s going on.
  • 7 Full working examples.
  • Clean and readable OOP code.

Out of the box:

  • myRest core class.
  • 7 Full working examples:
    • Envato popular post from CodeCanyon.
    • Full working code to upload pictures to service, via REST API.
    • Get the latest status from certain twitter user (with debug mode on).
    • Get timeline from certain twitter user.
    • Get youtube video info.
    • Get Expanded URL behind short URL (supports every provider).
    • Login into wordpress sytem (and save cookie for later use).
  • Full documentation.


  • php 5.3.x
  • CURL


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23 February 12

Last Update:
19 March 12

High Resolution:

Files Included:

Software Version:
PHP 5.3


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