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MyPortfolio - promote a business, event, etc...

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MyPortfolio - promote a business, event, etc...  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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MyPortfolio is a easy to customise app which helps you promote a business, a project, an event, anything! You don’t need any programming skills to customise the MyPortfolio app to your needs what so ever! You can customise MyPortfolio is minutes with the help of the simple ‘Config’ file which comes with MyPortfolio.

Key Features

-> Support for XIB and Storyboards – MyPortfolio comes with two separate Xcode files. One which supports XIB files and the other which supports Storyboards.

-> Supports YouTube, Twitter, RSS, Facebook, Email, In app tweet, Map+Pin, Photo gallery and much more!

-> Full support for iDevices with 4 inch screens such as the iPhone 5.

-> Easy to customise – Just edit the “config.h” file and add images, videos, etc to the project and your done!

-> Optimised for the Retina display with beautiful graphics and animations.

-> No programming skills needed. Anyone can customise MyPortfolio to their app needs.

-> PDF implementation guide included, to get you started :)

Current Version


Other information

MyPortfolio features a beautiful UI with full Retina display support and as a result the app looks great on iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

MyPortfolio supports: YouTube videos, Tweets from Twitter, Blogs posts from any RSS feed, a Photo Gallery, Maps with Pins to help you show where your business/event/etc is and more!

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14 July 12

Last Update:

Files Included:
.h,.m,.xib/.nib, Layered PNG

Software Version:
iOS 5.0, iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0


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