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Mobile / iOS

MyMap for iPhone & iPad

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MyMap for iPhone & iPad - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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MyMap allows you to get your own map into your iPhone & iPad application!

How does it work?

  • Basically, the map includes many annotations. You can select an annotation in order to display a detail view of your pin/annotation.
  • In the detail view, a Google Maps engine is included. You can press the ‘Open in Google Maps’ button in order to open your point of interest in the native Maps application.
  • We provide you two XCode projects:

  • MyiPhoneMap for iPhone & iPod Touch.
  • MyiPadMap for iPad & iPad 2.
  • Key Features:

  • MKMapView with annotations that you can add with ease. 2 pins are already set up for you, but you just have to follow commented instructions in order to add as many pins as you wish.
  • The MKMapView is controlled by a built-in UISegmentedControl, in order to change the Map Type from Standard, Satellite & Hybrid.
  • You can choose the color of your pins.
  • If you select a pin, this will open a custom detail view.
  • Add a title & a subtitle to your pins.
  • Open your points of interest within native iOS application, Google Maps.
  • Once the user press the ‘Open in Google Maps’ button, a UIPopover (on the iPad) or an UIActionSheet (on the iPhone) will be displayed in order to ask the user confirmation to quit your app in order to open Google Maps.
  • Full Portrait & Landscape mode support.
  • If you have any question about this Xcode project, feel free to contact me at Nicolas(at)Spehler(dot)com.

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    Changes from previous versions:

    Version 1.0

  • First release of MyMap for iPhone & iPad.
  • Nicolas Spehler

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    4 May 11

    Last Update:

    Files Included:
    .h,.m,.pch,.xib/.nib, Layered PSD, Layered PNG

    Software Version:
    iOS 3.1, iOS 4.1, iOS 4.2, iOS 4.3


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