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JavaScript / Miscellaneous

myLoader - Powerful inline AJAX framework

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myLoader - Powerful inline AJAX framework - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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myLoader is a powerful jQuery AJAX framework who helps you to make inline AJAX calls and / or construct bookmarlets.

Developers: Please grab your Extended License!

Main Features:

  • EASY, Don’t mess with PURE JAVASCRIPT to make fully cross-browser bookmarlets.
  • Automatically load the required jQuery version.
  • Detects if page is running jQuery.
  • Automatically Enqueue CSS and JS files.
  • Independent files for each purpose.
  • Load extra files before run your project.
  • Make Bookmarlets for mobile devices.
  • Fully Cross-browser.
  • Cacheable.
  • Make unique bookmarlets or inline functions.
  • Inline functions can download jQuery itself.
  • Dynamic content powered by server side.
  • Debug mode.
  • Just 3 kb minified version.
  • 6 Fully working examples.
  • Easy to Integrate in any kind of project.
  • 5 minutes deployable.

What you get out of the box:

  • myLoader framework
  • Full documentation
  • 6 Fully Working Examples:
    • Basic simple alert.
    • Basic current page google search.
    • Basic google search.
    • Medium append content to page.
    • Medium load external js libraries.
    • Advanced passing variables from bookmarlet to backend.


    • Modern Browser


    Live Demostration:

    Have new ideas?

    If you have some ideas, reqs or want a new feature use the comments tab or send us an email through profile page.

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    20 March 12

    Last Update:

    Compatible Browsers:
    IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

    Files Included:
    JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


    eCommerce, All Items, ajax, bookmark, bookmarlet, css, development, framework, jquery, js, loader, loading