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Multiple Payment Gateways for ASP.Net

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Multiple Payment Gateways for ASP.Net - Item for Sale


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Multiple Payment Gateways for ASP.Net

Multiple Payment Gateways is all-in-one solution that provides you to seven (7) major payment gateways such as SecurePay, Nab Transact, SkipJack, eWay, Authorize .Net, Card Stream and PayPal Adaptive Payment (Simple, Chained, Parallel) for ASP.Net based eCommerce websites or software.

Multiple Payment Gateways provides massive flexibility with highest standards of safety, security and reliability that makes easy for customers to use. It’s easy to integrate and extended. This payment service is best for start-up, small, medium or big sized online merchants.

Multiple Payment Gateways allows you to accept transactions from all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB etc.

The main advantage of this payment service is you can choose any gateways for anytime from seven types of payment services.

Features of Multiple Payment Gateways

  • One platform for seven major payment gateways
  • Quick and Easy to integration in any ASP.Net websites.
  • Safe, secure and reliable payment platform that makes easy for customers to use.
  • Accept all major credit cards.
  • Risk Management with fraud prevention techniques.
  • Mobile Payments – Mobile friendly interface for customers.
  • Basic data validation performed before submitting.
  • Innovative and flexible Payout methods.
  • User friendly payment process with nice interface.
  • Cost free technical support for the buyer.
  • Handle all error response code with appropriate meaning.
  • All application data are commented that’s why it’s easy to integrate and extended.

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29 June 13

Last Update:
29 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
.NET 4.0

High Resolution:

Files Included:


Card Stream, Nab Transact, PayPal Adaptive Payment, SecurePay,, credit cards, e-commerce, eway, payment gateway, payment gateway integration, payment gateways for ASP.Net, payment modules, paypal, payproglobal, skipjack