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PHP Scripts / Forms

MoneyBee, jQuery+PHP+JSON Paypal & Card Processor

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MoneyBee, jQuery+PHP+JSON Paypal & Card Processor - Item for Sale


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MoneyBeeis a smart & flexible payment processor which gives you the possibility to accept payments through Paypal or, using Credit Cards.

It works over a PHP OOP class, and it can be used with its AJAX or PHP engine.

MoneyBeestands out of because of its flexibility. Not only it’ll give you this opportunity of getting paid, but also of asking your clients extra information by setting your own custom form inputs.

Remember to rate the script:)


MoneyBeecomes with a LOT, and yes, I mean A LOT of features, you’ll have the chance to modify the script with over 100+ of settings.

From form validation, to payment processing,MoneyBeehas got it all. By simply setting your form structure, it’s validation rules, and callbacks (yes, callbacks are accepted), the script will not only validate it (based on your rules of course), but it’ll be smart enough to identify which fields contain the billing information to be processed.

After that, it’ll communicate with the required gateway and process the payment, and return you data to be stored or manipulated how you want.

This is an example of a server response

      [TIMESTAMP] => 2012-01-07T01:23:33Z
      [CORRELATIONID] => 29972e04101ea
      [ACK] => Success
      [VERSION] => 2.3
      [BUILD] => 2278658
      [AMT] => 250.00
      [AVSCODE] => X
      [CVV2MATCH] =>M
      [TRANSACTIONID] => 8RP861118P0156647
      [status] => success

A huge list of features..

  • 100+ of settings to modify
  • jQUERY plugin ready to use and easy to implement and modify
  • Data encryption for you to be calm
  • Custom form validation rules & callbacks
  • Smart form processing
  • Integrate it ANYWHERE by just writing a couple lines
  • Many jQuery plugin settings, over 25+ settings
  • Complete & through-out documentation

Take a look at the demos here demos are included. #1 Full AJAX demo with custom fields #2 Separated gateways forcing form to only take ONE gateway (w/custom fields) #3 Full PHP engine demo.

When you open up those demos, you’ll notice that item name & price have to be written, this is just for demostration purposes.MoneyBeeis so flexible & adaptable you’ll be able to integrate it with your current site, and maybe pull out your product information from your databases;)

Wanna take a look at the documentation and see I’m not bluffin?

What else? Mmm, a lot? Hahha How about custom errors messages per field? That’s right, you can have those too! With just a simple key and it’s value, you’ll be rocking custom error messages per field. Great!

You’ll love it.

How does it work?

Once you set-up your form, just open up your code and build the form settings, containing it’s label, input name, validation rules, callbacks and definitions.MoneyBeewill handle the form like a champion and return you a response to be processed.

Payments online have to be secure, andMoneyBeedoesn’t stand back, by encrypting the information and validating it completely, you can rest that you won’t have any headaches:)

You can pick your engine as I told you. Or AJAX (which is recommended) or PHP . Both work methods are basically the same, but AJAX processes it’s responsed with JSON .

What’s included in the package

  • Main framework, containing payment processor and form validator
  • Pre-set validating functions
  • jQuery plugin ready to use (Minified & Source)
  • 3 documented demos for you to know how it works and implement fast
  • Complete documentation explaining every single function and setting
  • File containing all default error messages

How about if I need some help?

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to reach me through, Twitter, Facebook or through I’ll help you willingly. Plus, the updates will be free for life, I won’t charge you anything for new bug fixes:)

No restrictions, no limits, pure awesomeness,MoneyBeewill make you, make money.

MoneyBee is a EXCLUSIVE


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12 January 12

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12 January 12

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