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Mobile Slider Pro

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Mobile Slider Pro: The Ultimate Mobile Website Portfolio Showcase

Mobile Slider PRO is the ultimate “Portfolio Showcase” plugin for those wanting to show off their “Mobile Websites” and “Mobile Apps” in the form of smartphone templates. In fact, you can show any image off in the form of a smartphone template.

We created this based on a need for showing off our own mobile website portfolio on our website in a much more professional way.

Before Mobile Slider PRO, like others, we uploaded lots of mobile website screenshots and image templates, which our website users had to scroll through just to get a feel for our portfolio. The fact we had to do this, made it nigh on impossible to include our entire portfolio.

We also found our website visitors and in most cases, potential clients, just skipped half of them. So, we created a plugin to showcase our portfolio in such a way that we can throw our entire portfolio of mobile website images into one smartphone template.

This portfolio showcase then automatically showcases our portfolio for clients while they are on our website. They can also browse through our portfolio with a simple “click”.


The Ultimate Portfolio Showcase Tool

Mobile Slider PRO enables you to setup a portfolio showcase in one of several popular smartphone templates on any page or post of your Wordpress website, or any widgetized area.

6 Popular Smartphone Templates To Choose From

Mobile Slider PRO includes 6 different smartphone templates to choose from.

These include the

  • Iphone 5 Black
  • Iphone 5 White
  • Iphone 4S
  • Iphone 3GS
  • Android Black
  • Android White
  • Macbook PRO
  • Imac

You can showcase your portfolio in any of the above templates easily!

Create MULTIPLE Different Sliders

Want to create different types of your portfolio? Niche specific? Mobile Websites? Mobile Apps? Other Images?

You can create as many sliders as you want within Mobile Slider PRO, and choose the ones you want to place on any page, post or sidebar/widgetized area easily.

Automatic Professional Sliding Effects

You can choose from several sliding effects that automatically scroll through your uploaded portfolio including “Fade”, “Slide”, “Horizontally” and “Vertically”. These allow you to showcase your portfolio automatically.

Instant Portfolio Browsing With Just A Click

With every slider you create, your website visitors can also scroll through the images manually using the arrows too!

Insert On Any Page Or Post By Simple Shortcode

You can place your portfolio sliders into any Wordpress page or post within seconds using simple shortcode. No coding or technical knowledge required!

Insert Into Any Sidebar/Widgetized Area

You can also insert any portfolio slider you create into ANY sidebar or widget area on your Wordpress website too. Again, no coding or technical knowledge required!

Place Two Side By Side Too

We also show you how you can place two separate sliders side by side on your Wordpress page or post. So, you can show comparisons, different portfolios, or just how your mobile website designs look in different smartphone templates.


Please check out the demo for Mobile Slider Pro at

Video Demonstration (Youtube)

Youtube Demo


Please contact us through Author Profilefor support.

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18 May 13

Last Update:
18 May 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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