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Minecraft Whitelist System

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Minecraft Whitelist System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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This is php system for game called Minecraft. With this you can administrate your bukkit server, you can add players to your whitelist, you can remove them, you can send them mass emails, you can send commands directly to game. Its very handy on high or even low populated servers, it saves alot of time!

The players are added to the system after they send registration on this system’s registration form.

You can also change your decisions later, its all pretty well organized! :)

Demo of registration form:

Features [Detailed list]
- Works for any Minecraft server version that supports RCON!
- Administrate players on your server
- Send them newsletters, informative emails, …
- Have a nice overview of your server
- Save your time by using this system, normally it can take 30 minutes to add all users manually, with this you just click-click-click & you are done, even with informative emails of their status!
- Comes with installation script, it takes 1 second to install
- Very nice and simple design, you will find everything fast
- Often updates, you find bug, I will fix it in few minutes/hours & send you fixed version
- Very cheap and only php system buyable
- Almost no server has this, be unique, and laugh to the fools who add it manually
- Change your decisions later, did some player lied about his age, or started griefing? Just click “Remove from whitelist” and you are done!
- Did your server lost players, and you want them back? Send them some nice invitation email in few seconds!
- Not able to go on your pc, you are not at home, and you need to solve whitelist registrations, or restart server or send some custom command? No problem, go there with your phone, tablet or anything else with internet!
- Very good support, if you need help with setup and installation, I’m here for you!
- Very nice registration form, which can be easily edited to fit your website
- Very clean code, if you know php a little, you can edit it to your likings

- Minecraft server version with RCON!
- Your host should have allowed socket operations (for rcon purposes, sock_connect, open, etc)

1) Open
2) Find: enable-rcon and set it to “true”
3) Add these two lines, you can add it on end, does not matter
4) You may need to forward the port 25555, or choose your own, but don’t select same port
as your server is running at!
5) Save the file & restart your server. Configure it in config.php!

-> Fixed HTML Injection

Tested for:
- CraftBukkit (Last version tested: 1.6.2)
- Vanilla (Last version tested: 1.7.2)

NOTE: This system will work until your server (whatever type it is) supports rcon. Make sure to check that before you purchase.

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2 July 13

Last Update:
1 October 13

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.x


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