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Mind Reader Guessing Game with Social Sharing

— Add-On to

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Mind Reader Guessing Game with Social Sharing - Item for Sale


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NEW VERSION!!! Updated the files to include the facebook comments and like box at the bottom of the page! If you have already purchased this script you can download the files from your account’s download section.

I still plan to implement this code into an actual facebook app and once I do the update will also be available to everyone that has purchased this code already.

Want know when post something Like me!

I foresee your future … you are going to be amazed that no matter what number you pick the mind reading fortune teller will always get it right.

This is an amazing webpage game application that allows the user toselect any numberand thenperform a simple math problemand a list oftotally random wordsare displayed and the mind reader willcorrectly guess the wordthat corresponds to the resulting number. (check out the screen shots or thelive demo.)

How does she do it?There is no way that she could know what number you picked or what number you will end up with. It could be anything?

If you know the secret be sure to keep it to yourself (a magician never tells) but share the page with your customers, family members, and friends. I’m sure quite a few of them will be asking how it’s done.

If you don’t know how it is done and it is driving you crazy. Just select purchase over there in the sidebar and the mystery is revealed in the installation instructions. Plus, you will get an excellent tool to add to your website.

The word list is customizableand you could change the list to reflect you and the products or services that you offer. For example the demo website might be used by a college that wants to promote their numerous degree programs, or if you had an office supply store the list could be items like ... paper, scissors, stapler, notebook, etc., the possibilities are endless. And it is a great way toget your potential customers reading a list of your products or services!And hopefully they will be so amazed by the mind reader that they will want to use the quick and easy tools to tweet or share the application with all of their friends and followers andthe viral movement begins.

In addition to a link to your main website’s homepage or any page that you into the single configuration file the website includes an easily configurable default tweet and link to be added to twitter or a posting with details, links, and a thumbnail image to facebook. Try out the social sharing in the demo and see just how many comments and retweets you get because your contacts are amazed at how she can guess the correct answer no matter what number you pick.

Installation is simple and everything is provided in just 12 files (including the styles and scripts) and there isno database needed.The image of the fortune teller used in demo site is NOT provided but can be purchased separately at photodune.

Image used in demo 948×632 (0.6MP)) if you would decide to purchase that image you would just replace a placeholder image as per the instructions provided and the fortune teller image will automatically be added to the site and positioned correctly.

Detailed installation instructions are provided but if you should have any problems with getting the code to work correctly, my contact information is provided and I will do everything I can to get to work for you.

The code is certified valid and has been tested and is fully functional in all browsers … even IE 6. Includes great jQuery effects and animations like shaking up the table to randomize the listings, modal window, and tool tips for the social networking icons. Includes all of the necessary links to incorporate jQuery, jQuery UI, and the Google fonts that were used on the webpage. page is simple (not cluttered), professional and fun looking, but you can modify the look and feel to match your existing website.

Thank you for checking my item out! If you have any questions let me know.

specialize marketing web development, graphic design, video production, and more! price you can afford. Check out portfolio and then contact for quote.

Want All you need are these things. domain name The web pages place put GetaII3 for just YEAR!

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24 November 12

Last Update:
5 December 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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