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Mega Slider

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MegaSlider is responsive slider module with touch-swipe navigation. You can add text, image or video to your slider. With a friendly admin user interface and power timeline manager, MegaSlider is highly customizable slider for Drupal 7.

Demo item animation and slide transition.

Frontend Features

  • Touch navigation for mobile and desktop
  • Slide is reponsive, it shows best on all desktop and mobile browser
  • You can add YouTube and Vimeo videos in slide
  • Preloads images.
  • Move or fade transition for slides.
  • SEO optimized
  • Custom effects for each object (text, image or video)
  • Cross browser: Slider was tested on IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome

Backend Features

You can view how it work here

  • Easy to use admin area with drag and drop
  • You can add font from Google webfont
  • Set custom effects, start time, stop time and delay for each object via timeline manager.
  • Option to create styles
  • Duplicate object and slide Function
  • Works with Drupal 7.

Slide Items Panel

Add new slide item fDrag change slide order Hover show delete button SliDE SliDE SliDE SLIDE background custom thumbnail Slide background image Clone slide

Tools panel

fadeinLe 9op fadeOutF

Timeline panel

layer Layer type Clone layer button Delete layer button Time ruler Mega5Iide Welcome T1You can And you can set the tix Drag Selected layer Object appear time


Change logs

Version 2.18 (Jul 7, 2015):

 New features: - Add overlay background settings - Add class settings - Config hide layout in mobile Bug fixes: - Update jQuery libraries functions - Fix youtube video 

Version 2.17 (Mar 8, 2015):

 New features: - Show hide some of the content if it is a mobile device Bug fixes: - Fix field md_slider and link config - Cloning slides causes duplicated layers - Bug related to the open sans condensed google font 

Version 2.16 (Dec 6, 2014):

 New features: - Add image background alt attribute Bug fixes: - Padding item Text - Media module alpha4 

Version 2.15 (July 22, 2014):

 Bug fixes: - IE9 keep object in slider - Migrate js bug 

Version 2.14 (July 22, 2014):

 Bug fixes: - Default object appear (from fadeIn to none) - Responsive error from small to larger screen 

Version 2.13 (July 9, 2014):

 - Add target option for link object - Bug fixes: choose slide image 

Version 2.12 (June 25, 2014):

 New features: - Add disable single slide Bug fixes: - Thumbnail scroll - Text shadow - Show pause on hover option 

Version 2.11 (April 25, 2014):

 Bug fixes: - embeded video in https - transition effect for slide use background color 

Version 2.10 (April 21, 2014):

 New features: - use color as slide background - change colorpicker to spectrum NOTE: Please run update.php after update module source code 

Version 2.9 (March 27, 2014):

 Bug fixes: - priority css for index layer - default background - responsive for slider fullwidth 

Version 2.8 (March 21, 2014):

 New feature: - Add custom field for MD Slider Update document Bug fixes: - Opacity - jquery_update module conflict - Export bug - Anchor in item link 

Version 2.7:

 Bug fixes: - Fix double html encode - Fix unactive tab still play slide item 

Version 2.6:

 Bug fixes: - Single quote in text object - Quote in admin - Fix htmlentities with UTF-8 encode - Fix bug image not found 

Version 2.5:

 Bug fixes: - Missing alt in image tag - Remove puffIn & vanishIn effects - Vimeo video error in lightbox - Text link error - Minor bug fixes 

Version 2.4:

 Bug fixes: - Export thumbnail image - Update loop and generate_css_file options - Re-add show video in lightbox - Minor bug fixes 

Version 2.3:

 Please run update.php after update. New features: - New slide transitions - New object effects + Effects in: foolishIn, puffIn, twisterInDown, twisterInUp, swap, swashIn, tinRightIn, tinLeftIn, tinUpIn, tinDownIn, vanishIn + Effects out: bombRightOut, bombLeftOut, foolishOut, holeOut, puffOut, swashOut, tinRightOut, tinLeftOut, tinUpOut, tinDownOut, vanishOut - Option to render css file for each slideshow Bug fixes: - Disable swipe vertical in touch device error - Minor bug fixes 

Version 2.2:

 Bug fixes New features: - Add option to show next/prev button on touch device - Option choose play video with lightbox 

Version 2.1:

 Bug fixes New features: - Import & Export - Link object - Choose slider loop or not - Add option to keep object at last item (stop animation) 

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23 March 13

Last Update:
8 July 15

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
Drupal 7.3.x, Drupal 7.2.x, Drupal 7.1, Drupal 7.0


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