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Mega PHP Template Engine

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New Version 2.0

Updated on 24 March 2013 – Latest Version 2.0

Mega PHP Template Engine Version 2.0

Mega template is a template engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. This implies that PHP code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation.

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General Features
  • Create Websites in minutes.
  • Easy to use and flexible higher.
  • Smaller Size than the Prev Version All Files (75K) Only.
  • Separation of PHP from HTML / CSS.
  • Quick and easy to maintain.
  • Fast development / deployment for programmers and designers.
  • syntax easy to understand, no PHP knowledge required.
  • Flexibility for custom development.
  • Security: insulation from PHP.
  • compliment PHP, not replace it.
  • Readability for organization and management.
  • clean separation of presentation from application code.
  • Operating compression system page thread (GZIP).
  • Show data download page case file compression (Debug).
  • Showing error handler.
  • Fully Documented: Doc Online.

Setup System
  • Ease of system setup through only one file.
  • Enable or disable the system GZIP.
  • Enable or disable System Debug.
  • Definition of the main themes folder.
  • Definition Cache Folder.
  • Enable or disable the use of databases.
  • Enable or disable the use of a file dealing with databases.
  • Enable or disable the function to deal with the config table within the database.

Engine System
  • included HTML files.
  • included PHP files.
  • Write php code within the template files.
  • included file through variable.
  • included through constant.
  • The possibility of a consistent definition within the template files and use.
  • The possibility of hard monster inside template files.
  • Replacement of variables within the template.
  • conditions (if,elseif, else) statements.
  • loop, loop in loop.

System Themes and Cache
  • The possibility of using more than one folder Cache.
  • The possibility of naming the beginning of the file name Cache.
  • The possibility of using more templates folder.
  • The possibility of using the system in more than one folder at the same time.

  • Library functions to deal with the internal databases of type mysql.
    * MySQL4 Database Abstraction Layer.
    * Compatible with:
    1. MySQL 3.23+
    2. MySQL 4.0+
    3. MySQL 4.1+
    4. MySQL 5.0+
  • Function to deal with table Config (insert / select / update).
  • Possibility of work Connect for more than a database.
  • 14 Function ;)

Version History

 15 April 13 Fixed Include php Engine version 2.0 - 24 March 2013 01- Holistic change in the system. 02- improving function. 03- minimize the size version (73KB). 04- The possibility of using more than one folder for Cash. 05- The possibility of using more than one folder in Style. 06- Repair some of the common errors. 07- Change the names of files. 08- Enable or disable the use of the database. 09- Use 2 file when you are not using databases. 10- Using 5 files when using databases. --------------------------------------------------------------------- version 1.5 - 4 February 13 01- Updated functions to works best. 02- Add library to deal with databases. 03- Fix In Files mega.template.php 4 Function To make the engine faster and lighter. 04- Add functions to deal with databases. --------------------------------------------------------------------- version 1.0 - 10 January 13 Initial version. 

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10 January 13

Last Update:
13 May 13

Files Included:

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


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