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Mark as Read for WordPress

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Mark as Read is a plugin for WordPress that gives your users a way to keep track of the posts they have read, and those they have not.

The plugin lets your users mark posts as read / unread as they view them. Everything is performed with ajax for a seamless, smooth experience.

Posts can be marked as read manually or automatically (after a specified period of time) and can have their read status changed at any point.

Every post that is marked as read receives a “read count”, which is used in one of the provided widgets to display a list of your most popular posts.

Users can easily view posts they have not read and also view a report of their reading progress on your site, including the number of posts they’ve read, the number they haven’t read, the total number of posts on the site, and the percentage of the posts they have read.

The plugin can be completely setup in less than five minutes and includes a variety of options to customize it to perfectly suit your needs.

Included are a selection of widgets, short codes, automatic functions (configurable through the settings page), and template tags. The plugin can be used by every level of WordPress user, from absolute beginner to advanced developer.


  • Mark posts as read
    • Optional setting to mark posts as read automatically after a time period
  • Mark posts as unread
  • View posts not yet read
  • View complete reading report of the number of posts you’ve read, those you have not read, the total posts on the site, and the percentage of posts that you have read
  • Optional alert messages for when posts are marked as read/unread
  • Four widgets included
    • Mark Post as Read/Unread Links
    • User’s Unread Posts
    • Most Read Posts
    • User Report
  • 3 Short codes included
    • User’s Unread Posts
    • Most Read (Popular) Posts
    • User’s Report
  • Settings page that provides excellent control and complete setup in less than 5 minutes
Note that this plugin is designed to fit perfectly within your WordPress theme, and so only minimal styling is provided. The widgets and all other functions of this plugin will perfectly inherit the styles of your theme.

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22 October 11

Last Update:
22 October 11

Software Version:
WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0, jQuery

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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