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Mailing Master - Bulk Emails Sender

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Mailing Master - Bulk Emails Sender - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Mailing Master is a professional bulk-mail sender.
Can handle huge lists of emails without straining the server thanks to a powerful “threads” system that divides the email lists into smaller chunks. Supports a huge amount of features including external smtp servers.

These are the most notable features:

  • Can handle huge mailing lists (tested with 300k+ addresses).
  • Avoids mail server congestion, e-mails are sent in chunks you’ll be able to monitor the process in real time thanks to the power of AJAX.
  • Supports both csv files and mySQL as email lists. Easy to use with an existing mySQL database: create a schema or even a custom query to access your data.
  • Multiple configurations, switch between lists and mails with a simple click.
  • Sends mixed html/txt emails. Sets the correct mail headers to avoid being marked as spam. Uses the powerful Pear Mail library (can fall back to the standard mail() function).
  • Remote HTML parsing. Mailing Master can directly send a webpage (as well as a local files).
  • All options are configurable from the web interface, and no database is needed for Mailing Master to work.
  • Complete e-mail validation, checks if the address actually exists with a dns query.
  • GET strings passed to the template for user based customization.
  • Powerful log system.
  • Uses twitter bootstrap for the interface.
  • ooPHP PHP4 compatible.

Three years of free updates, all my items are supported for years after the initial release, buy with confidence!

V2.0 (February 5th 2013)

Complete rewrite of the system with added features, increased speed and usability. Provided completely free of charge to all existing customers more than three years after the initial release!

v1.2 (November 11th 2010)

->Fixed a bug that prevented the correct sending of small lists of emails.

->Added testmode to test everything without actually sending the emails.

->Better thread handling.

v1.1.1 (September 27th 2010)

->Small bugfix

v1.1 (September 17th 2010)

->Better csv file support

First released September 4th 2010

Total updates to date 4.

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14 September 10

Last Update:
6 February 13

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


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