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JavaScript / Sliders

Lush - Content Slider

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Lush - Content Slider - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Lush – Content Slider

Lush is a flexible content slider. It uses CSS3 native transition and animations to get the best performance taking advantage of the modern browser features, without lose functionality in older browsers.
It uses a semantic syntax to describe the animation timeline avoiding complex attributes and keywords.
The animation system is completely extensible allowing to add more animations and transitions easily just like adding new CSS classes.


  • Native CSS3 animations
  • Fully Responsive
  • Crossbrowser (IE7+)
  • Touch Ready
  • Natural syntax animation timeline
  • CSS3 3D animation
  • 50 kinds of animations
  • jQuery Fallback animations
  • Extensible animation system
  • Flexslider compatible
  • Carousel Slider
  • Youtube & Vimeo video support
  • Pages Slider (via iframe)
  • CSS/PSD skineable
  • 4 different shadow images included
  • Settings via JavaScript or data-attributes
  • Extra features
    • Slider autopause OnHover
    • Autoplay videos
    • autopause video when play videos
    • autoresume slider when video playback ends
    • Image Preload with custom loading spinner
    • Slider Autostart
    • Slider max-loops
    • Responsive & fixed slider
    • Touch swipe navigation
    • Keyboard navigation
    • External navigation controls
    • Customizable Slides direction
    • Posibility to set animations globally
    • CSS3 Support Autodetection
    • Editable styles with pure CSS or LESS
  • jQuery 2.0 Ready.
  • Valid HTML & SEO friendly
  • Skins PSD included
  • Powerful API (events, hooks & commands)
  • Demo sliders included
  • Extensive documentation

EXAMPLE This example show how animate paragraph and the idea involved Wait, two seconds, start animation from left and use linear easing during one second. Then, wait, three seconds, continue animation right and use swing easing during one second. 2000 from left use linear during 3000 right use swing during text. Another example using plus and without output animation. 2000 from left use linear during text. 200 from left use linear during text. The first paragraph will start 2000 milliseconds seconds The second paragraph will start 2200 milliseconds. 2000 milliseconds from precendent plus 200 millisecond from actual. Using container elements, like image link 2000 from left use linear during The container element will receive the animation

Check the Slider Builder Tool

SLider BuiLder graphic Interface easiLy create your own Lush SLider. Drag Drop Grid Snapping Inline Preview Markup Generation


1.7.2 – Jan 16 2014
  • Added startAt option.
1.7.1 – Dec 19 2013
  • Fixed internal handling of events.
1.7 – Oct 08 2013
  • New file structure – Easy installation -
  • Added preload spinner
  • Added plugin autoload
  • Added touch swipe navigation
  • Added youtube and vimeo video support
  • Improved data attributes
  • Improved documentation
  • Removed text no-wrap
  • Fix slider direction bug on manual mode
  • Easing functions name typo control
  • Extra CSS files removed. Advance customization via LESS files.
1.6.3 – Jul 06 2013
  • Fix bug with data attributes
1.6.2 – Jun 28 2013
  • Fix bug with links
  • Fix bug with deadtime option
1.6 – May 7 2013
  • Fix bug on manual mode
1.5 – May 1 2013
  • Added support for data attributes
  • Global animations
  • New skins Mini-skin and flat
  • New CSS3 animations
  • Added deadtime between animations
  • Added carousel mode
  • Added support for jQuery 2.0
  • Update to jQuery 1.9
  • Fix fallback animation bug
  • Fix Safari animation bug
1.3 – Mar 15 2013
  • Navigation control’s skin based on images
  • Improved pause on hover
  • Fixed double size slider bug
  • Fixed loop option bug
1.2 – Mar 06 2013
  • New skin added
  • Improved use of shadows
  • Support pauseOnHover on Flexslider mode
  • Support for Loops
1.1 – Feb 05 2013
  • Added new animations
  • Added more fallbacks animations
  • .active class now
  • Bugfixes
  • Added IE7 support
1.0 – Feb 1 2013
  • New: First release


Musy Soned Background Vector Graphic
Tree Vector
Glossy orange light bulb (comercial license)
Flexslider background (CC 3.0) – Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

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1 February 13

Last Update:
18 January 14

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, LESS, Layered PSD, Layered PNG

Software Version:


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