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WordPress / Interface Elements

Logos Showcase - Multi-Use Responsive WP Plugin

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Logos Showcase - Multi-Use Responsive WP Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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With this plugin you can display a set of images as a grid or in a carousel slider.

Also compatible with the brand new WordPress 4.3!

It’s perfect to:
  • Display a list of clients, supporters, partners or sponsors logos in your wordpress website;
  • Create a grid of images with external or internal links;
  • Any other creative use you might think of!

You can display the images in 3 different ways

  • Normal grid The images will have a fixed size, but they will adapt to the available space, adapting also to different screen sizes.
  • Responsive Grid The images will be displayed in a grid with the number of columns you set and the images will resize to fit the columns. On smaller screens the grid will adapt, and the images will resize accordingly. In smaller screens if the number of columns set is to big for the size of the screen, less columns will display.

WORDPRESS Responsive Gfld From Columns Image Size Adapts jclueri JavaScri HTML Shoitcode Generator set

  • Horizontal Carousel – Responsive The images will be presented in a horizontal carousel that is responsive and also works well in touch devices. In the settings of the plugin, you can set how many slides to show, the transition speed, if auto scroll is enabled, and many other settings.

JavaScript Settings for SIider Auto Scroll Loop Sh1Hide Controls HTML WORDPRE

You can enhance the images, with pre-built styles and tooltips

Envato varo envato vato

  • Grayscale Style Compatible with most browsers, you can choose to display the logos on a grayscale version and a bit of transparency, and choose if on hover the image will have the original colors or not.
  • Box Highlight Simple style, that on hover displays a highlight of the image.
  • Tooltips You can choose to display a tooltip or not.

Future versions of the plugin will probably include more built-in styles as it is easy to add new ones.

Filter by categories

You can group your images by categories and display only a selected category or all of them! This way you can even have a list for clients, other list for sponsors, and so on!

NEW: Live Category Filter!

In the Grid layouts you can also include a live category filter, so your visitors can select which logos to see. You can use a enhance filter (example below) or a hide filter.

All Ento NGOs Technlogy activeden graphicriver HTML jQueri JavaScri photodune videohive unicef WoIWPREss

Possible to set URLs!

And of course, you can set URLs to them, they can have links that can open on the same page or in a new page.

Widget Ready!

To include a grid or carousel inside a widget are is as simple as including any other widget! The plugin comes ready with a widget so you can easily display the logos you need, just be filling out the widget form! blank ofOtO diP10 e4otses

Shortcode and PHP Function Generator!

It couldn’t be more easy to generate the necessary code to display the logos. Just go to the Shortcode generator, choose the settings you want and the shortcode and the php function that you can use will be generated and ready to copy and paste where you want! Shortcodes are to be used in posts and pages, while the php function will be necessary if you want to hard code the logo showcase in your theme files.

Shortcode Generator Shortcode Order DelaWt lOrter Peter keeps display cKflotyenvato actbturPlnacttw 6l.di OicBya dflCflp000WblsW CalegCtlfl Sqwaei category Envato PHP Function LIBL use INs PI4P kanon display the lit isgas dfrecdy then. INst Inactive Qplsp echo dtshortcodeflshow4ogos ordertynone categofy.eetvato Noem Styles Preview thaw Tooisp ocfiveden grcpiaiver pnotociune Sthemef videohive liMp Sqe

Custom Feature Name!

You don’t like this feature to be called ‘Logos’? Go in the plugin settings and change it to whatever you want!

Logos Shasta. New SEQ Prfonnance Dashbord Settings flPosts Logo Showcase Names M.d4a Pages Shnculae Penner mwt dou int cc.II tflff Comments Plural Partners For strop purposes a.4. Partners PMlners Logo Image Size Settings wImh 180 rha the the flen they ore taoded they Shortcode Ganerator this settk,p change this tee the image upiooded thr3t show scaled Settings Neeg,n 150 Testimonials Crop Contact

Default Image size and Carousel Settings

You can change the default size of your logo images on the settings. This way, when you upload new images they will be resized to the specified dimensions.

You also have a set of options to control the carousel, like the transition speed, number of slides to move, number of slides to show, if you want to display the controls or not, auto scroll active or not, etc.

Logo Image Size Settings Width 180 This will size the irnages WPen they will follow this settings. you change the image uploaded they will show sca Hegh 180 Crop Carousel Settings Transition 500 Slide transition duration intenge Speed Image Margin between each image Infinde Yes Active, cjlcking lvexr while the the slide and ShowPager ActiveapagerwTll added Show Yes Active, contro number slides Ic,

Compatible with BULK UPLOAD Free Plugin

Logos Showcase is compatible with the free plugin Automatic Featured Image Posts which allows you to bulk upload images and create multiple entries automatically

Multi-use! Be creative!

Although this was built to better serve as a simple way to display client, sponsor or supporters logos in your wordpress website, you can use it for other purposes! If you have a problem that requires a plugin that will display a list of images with links, this plugin can be useful!

Check some ideas below:

Home Page Boxes For Internal Links Sidebar Boxes For External Links Footer Boxes


The plugin uses the awesome bxSlider to build the responsive carousel.

Version Log

2015/07/23 – 1.6
 CSS and Carousel code improvements Added option do display Live category filter 
2015/04/20 – 1.4.9
 Carousel Code Fix 
2015/04/01 – 1.4.8
 CSS improvements Option to display info above (via shortcode parameter description='true-above' or description='true-description-above') 
2015/03/01 – 1.4.7
 Small javascript and css improvements to carousel layout 
2015/02/01 – 1.4.6
 Small javascript and css improvements to carousel layout 
2015/01/01 –
 Javascript bug solved (caused double controls on carousel) 
2014/10/01 – 1.4.4
 Added option to force transition mode for carousel Added category column to admin Updated drag&drop code SVG support (dependent on other plugin letting svg to be uploaded) Responsive improvements on carousel 
2014/09/05 –
 Small CSS Improvements 
2014/07/28 – 1.4.3
 Grayscale CSS code updated Load minified version of carousel javascript file by default Shortcode generator bug fix 
2014/05/23 – 1.4
 New option to display content below the logos New option to include custom css directly in the plugin settings (no need to update plugin files anymore) New option to include a default image in case the entry doesn't have an image New responsive grid code 
2014/05/04 – 1.3.2
 Updated Slider code to be compatible with new jQuery versions. 
2014/03/24 – 1.3.1
 Small markup improvement 
2014/03/24 – 1.3
 Added retina screen compatible carousel controls 
2014/01/31 –
 New nofollow link option New grayscale hover option 
2013/12/10 – 1.2.9
 New font icon for admin screen for WP 3.8+ version CSS fix for responsive columns 
2013/11/05 – 1.2.7
 Added new style option: enhance opacity Multiple categories selection available Added ids= filter shortcode support 
2013/09/23 – 1.2.4
 CSS padding fix for the carousel and apostrophe in tooltips bug fixed; 
2013/07/25 – 1.2.3
Better jQuery handling. NEW FEATURES: carousel settings via shortcode; Tooltip content source choosing (title or description); 
2013/05/10 – 1.2.1
 Corrected some errors that would appear with DEBUG mode ON. Improved compatibility with other plugins. 
2013/04/11 – 1.2
 Added new option to limit amount of images to display and order alphabetically. 
2013/04/02 – 1.1.1
 Added new non stop auto scroll option; 
2013/03/28 – 1.1
jQuery conflict with other plugin bugs fixed; Improved compatibility with themes (featured image issue); 
2013/03/27 – 1.0.1
Added new options to the slider – auto scroll; Fixed small bugs and small CSS changes. 
2013/03/26 – 1.0
 Initial Release 

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25 March 13

Last Update:
23 July 15

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3


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