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JavaScript / Sliders

Layer - jQuery Ad Banner / Slideshow

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Layer - jQuery Ad Banner / Slideshow - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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  • Full Customizable
  • Set Start / Stay time for each layer
  • Set Easing In / Out Type
  • Set Animation Speed
  • Cufon font support
  • Set number of preload images
  • Enable / disable play pause button
  • Option to add Replay button
  • Support relative path
  • Support unlimited layers

In plug-in code you can customize the banner using below variables

 jQuery(function($){ $('#jq_AdBanner').fmAdBanner({ assetPath : 'fmBanner_assets', banner_width : 250, banner_height : 250, numberOfImages_preload : 3, image_loader : "loader_img.png", image_sprite : "sprite.png", loop : true, playPause : true, default_data_align : "C", default_data_spacing : "0,0", default_data_inOutDirection : "LR", default_data_inOutDistance : "0", link_url : "#", link_target : "_self" }); }); 

Sample banner code
 <div id="jq_AdBanner" style="position:relative; width:250px; height:250px; overflow:hidden; visibility:hidden; margin: 0 auto; background-color:#FFF" align="center"> <div data-starttime="0" data-staytime="30" class="imgSty" src="img1.jpg" style="width:250px; height:250px" /> <div data-align="BC" data-spacing="32,0" data-inoutdirection="LR" data-inoutdistance="40" data-starttime="6" data-staytime="20" class="divStyle"> <span class="txtMedium" style=" font-size:1em; color:#fff;">Layer - Ad Banner / Slideshow</span> </div> <div data-align="LC" data-spacing="15,0" data-inoutdirection="T" data-inoutdistance="180" data-starttime="2" data-staytime="14" data-animationspeed="400" data-easein="easeOutBack" data-easeout="easeOutQuart" class="imgSty" src="img2.png" style="width:172px; height:111px" /> <div data-align="TL" data-spacing="2,90" data-inoutdirection="RL" data-inoutdistance="100" data-starttime="11" data-staytime="15" class="divStyle"> <span class="txtMedium" style=" font-size:1em; color:#000;">Clean</span> </div> </div> 

Customize this banner into any size:
300×250, 250×250, 240×400, 336×280, 180×150, 300×100, 720×300, 468×60, 234×60, 88×31, 120×90, 120×60, 120×240, 125×125, 728×90, 160×600 120×600, 300×600

Complete help document is included in download file

If you have any questions about this file contact me through my profile page.

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15 December 11

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26 November 13

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