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Language Learner app for iPhone

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Language Learner app for iPhone - Item for Sale


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This app is ideal for people who want to learn new languages but hate carrying around notes and books. In this app they have the ability to store all the words they need to learn for the language they want to learn.

This app is fully written in Xcode (Objective C), not using Storyboard, but supports iOS5+ and iPhone 5 screen as well. Using ARC and fully documented via appledoc ( Using custom animations (CATransitions) to change between viewcontrollers and custom CALayers/CAGradientLayers to customize views. Including two targets for Free and Pro.

Free app has some limitations
  • only 2 categories can be created
  • only 10 words can be added for each category

  • Features

  • iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support
  • Support iOS5+
  • Open in to open .json and .csv files
  • Parsing .json and .csv files
  • Core data to store datas
  • CALayer and CAGradientLayers to make graphics smoother
  • Blocks, completionBlocks
  • Free and Pro version within the same app
  • CATransition
  • Custom UIView animations
  • Custom graphics, with included .psds
  • No storyboards
  • Every method and property documented using AppleDoc (Apple like documentation tool)
  • Splash screen

  • json words lecture words yot lecture words yet lecture words yot lecture 102 words lecture .MS. want UdJr Fttfli GsttDIGeI MQDU ir. Done Word P4ach

    New version includes

  • Ability to edit words
  • Add notes for words
  • When practising switch between words and meanings (what to display first)
  • Ability to upgrade to Pro version from Free
  • Use to download new dictionaries
  • Modified Core Data to be able to save notes for Words
  • Pdf, explaining how to setup to work with your app (cause I can’t give you my account’s credentials)

  • New version includes: (17.04)

  • Open and parse .json, .csv files with “open in”
  • Parse .json and .csv files into Core Data

  • Download
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    19 March 13

    Last Update:
    22 April 13

    Files Included:
    .h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib, Layered PSD

    Mobile OS:
    IOS 5.0, IOS 5.1, IOS 6.0


    TableView, Xcode, animation, arc, blocks, core data, custom cell, ios, iphone 5, layers,, saving to core data