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Keywords Advertising

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Keywords Advertising - Item for Sale


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1. How did Keywords Advertising come out?

When your site has a large number of articles and visitors each day, why not increase your site’s revenue by selling ads on your site? But, placing banners will not be a good idea because it would make your site look messy if there are many of them. You will need a professional tool which automatically draws revenue to your pocket. Keywords Advertising is your wise choice.

2. Keywords Advertising is for whom?

- Organizations, individuals who want to raise their revenue from selling keywords on their sites.

3. How does Keywords Advertising work?
– There will be 3 parties participating in the system: Visitors, Adworders and Admins.

- Adworder
– Register keywords on website.
– Enter ad’s information for keyword, pay and activate keywords.
– Manage keyword’s working process: number of clicks, expired keywords, extending keywords’ expiration.

- Admin
– Receive email when members register keywords and activate keywords.
– Keep track of registered keywords.
– Create list of hot keywords and promotion for keywords.

- Visitors
– Visit the site and read article.
– View some keywords and click on the keyword link to see more details.

4. Keywords Advertising Features

Keywords Advertising has various features:
Keyword AJAX Loading: When visitors mouse over on a keyword (a link on the article), a popup will load with Ajax loading. So your site will load faster without having to load any keyword information when browsing your site.
Easy to buy a keyword: Adworder only need to type a keyword name to check the available status then fill some info to checkout. It is very simple.
Multiple Payment gateway: We support some popular online payment methods: PayPal, 2checkout,, Moneybookers, Pay Later…
Easy keyword’s management: Each adworder when register keywords is supported a link to manage those keywords. Keyword’s management includes: number of clicks on keywords, keyword’s status, expired date, title, images…
Hot keywords: A keyword appears frequently on your articles will become a hot keyword. So adworders know they should buy this hot keyword.
Promo Keyword: Sometimes you have campaigns on your site to attract adworders to buy keyword. So that is time for you to set up some promotions for your keywords.
Blacklist Keywords: Some keywords listed as prohibited keywords will be blocked and members cannot register these keywords.
Blacklist Users: If any member has suspicious or harassing behaviors, admin can move them to blacklist users. Members in this list cannot register keywords.
Set up Plans: Admin can set up different ranges of day for keyword advertising on their site and with each range there will be different price level.
Publish currency: Admin can set up other kinds of currency for online payment. Currently, we have Dollar available for you.
Manage order: Manage all orders registered by members.
Various Attached Modules: Provide some attached modules with eye-catching appearance: keywords advertising hot keywords, keywords advertising promo keywords, keywords advertising keywords.
Plugin keywords advertising: A content plugin to allow you to display all keywords information easily and automatically on your site.


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8 March 13

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8 March 13

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