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Just a Forum

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Just a Forum helps you set up a knowledge base for your users where they can share what they know about your products or site with each other. This script helps you quickly set up a forum that will help you save on the cost and time for support.


  • Quick and easy installation. All you have to do is access one page and provide log-in information for an administrator
  • Users have to register after which the can ask and answer questions
  • Users can follow discussion by simply clicking a button
  • Allow the users to report posts and you as administrator can delete the post or ignore the report
  • All publicly accessible forms are protected by captcha to prevent spam
  • The script has an authentication system that allows for registration, signing-in and signin-out, and retrieving lost passwords
  • As an administrator you can easily ban users that cause trouble
  • You can create categories to sort the posts in
  • The script gives users recognition based on their participation. It keeps count of the answers they give and the likes they receive from other users.
  • Users can easily access all the questions that they have asked
  • A simple and attractive user interface
  • The HTML files for the script are all in one place and separate from the code making it easy for you to modify. The HTML is all Twitter Bootstrap.
  • All the text that is displayed in all the pages of the script is in one file making it very easy to translate

Demo Log In

username: Admin, Moderator or Basic_User

password: pass

If you want to use your own user management system for the forum, please look at this file that you will need to modify:

Note: The demo has been modified so that when you login using facebook a random email address and username are saved instead of your actual ones. This is just for your security when using the demo.

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10 March 12

Last Update:
18 December 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x


eCommerce, All Items, comments, faq, forum, help, knowledge base, support, wiki