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JavaScript / Forms

jStyle Lite: Enables CSS Styling of Web Forms

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jStyle Lite: Enables CSS Styling of Web Forms - Item for Sale


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29/02/2012: Please note that this item seems to be incompatible with jQuery 1.7 or higher. Due to the low number of sales, I have decided to drop support for this item indefinitely.

jStyle Lite is a lightweight form styling tool built on the jQuery framework. At just over 5kb in size, it provides a quick way to easily take control of the styling of your web forms without leaving a huge footprint. In addition, it requires absolutely no extra HTML markup!

Since the advent of CSS, styling web forms has not only been a hassle, but for some form elements, styling was simply impossible. Enter jStyle.

jStyle Lite dynamically replaces form elements with other HTML that is easy to style with CSS, while at the same time maintaining the functionality of the web form. The elements that jStyle Lite can style include

  • Checkboxes (<input type=”checkbox”/>)
  • Radio Buttons (<input type=”radio” />)
  • Drop Downs (<select>)
  • Multi Selects (<select multiple=”multiple”>)
  • Single Line Text Inputs (<input type=”text”/>)
  • Multi Line Text Inputs (<textarea>)
  • Buttons (<input type=”submit” />, <input type=”reset” />, <input type=”button” />, <button/>)

jStyle Lite also allows you to easily modify the states of these elements, for use in your own applications. You can check/uncheck, select/deselect, and disable/enable elements on the fly!

Check out the examples to see jStyle Lite in action!

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13 October 11

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13 October 11

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JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Layered PSD


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