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With jSocial you can easily place social share buttons under your articles and pages on your website. This script uses the jQuery framework and works completely client side. So you can use it on static and dynamic webpages.

The information to submit to the social networks like the title/url/description/keywords are automatic retrieved from the html page itself so you don’t need to configure it.

Video example of how you can use jSocial on a WordPress website.

For the moment the script supports the following social networks:

  • buzz
  • digg
  • linkedin
  • sphere
  • mister wong
  • technorati
  • delicious
  • furl
  • netscape
  • yahoo
  • nujij
  • ekudos
  • google
  • newsvine
  • reddit
  • blogmarks
  • magnolia
  • live
  • tailrank
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • stumbleupon
  • bligg
  • symbaloo
  • buzz
  • myspace
  • mail

Modern share button

  • twitter_(horizontal, vertical, none)
  • facebook_(horizontal, vertical)
  • googleplus_(horizontal, vertical, horizontalsmall, horizontalmedium)
  • linkedin_(horizontal, vertical, none)


 2.0.0 (10/06/2011) * Added the new share buttons for facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+ * Updated documentation 1.5.3 (07/20/2011) * Updated documentation 1.5.2 (06/23/2011) * Fixed share url & encode 1.5 (07/18/2010) * Added email sharing button 1.4 (05/02/2010) * Added Myspace (you can use it with the tag "myspace") * Use of tinyurl is now possible * Updated the documentation file 1.3 (04/05/2010) * Google Buzz added (you can use it with the tag "buzz") * Is now compatible with latest jquery versions 1.2 (02/23/2010) * Fixed tooltip problem * Added file with links to extra social network icons * Fixed problem with special characters * Added mister wong social network 1.1 (11/08/2009) * Fixed opacity problem in Safari and Chrome v1.0 (03/13/2011) * Initial version released

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5 October 09

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

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