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JavaScript / Sliders

jQuery UniSlider

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jQuery UniSlider - Item for Sale


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Item Description

The jQuery UniSlider plugin adds an elegant and sleek slider feature to your pages, You can use it as an images slideshow, or put any html content to slide.

There are many features, options, events and methods included, easy to customize and implement.


  • Sleek & Professional Slider.
  • Images Slideshow.
  • Slide any HTML Element
  • Full Width/Responsive Support
  • Autoslide Feature
  • Draggable (Mobile Compatible)
  • Many options included.
  • Easy to Customize
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Well Documented

WP version:

There is a WP version of this plugin. Click Here



v1.3.7 -
Fixed minor issues related to responsiveness and navigations.

v1.3.6 -
Fixed an issue with custom navs.

v1.3.5 -
Fixed an issue with default effect.

v1.3.4 -
Fixed an issue with jquery 1.9.

v1.3.3 -
Fixed minor issues with responsiveness.

v1.3.2 -
Fixed an issue in autoslide mode.

v1.3.1 -
Improved vertical and horizontal effects.

v1.3 -
Added Vertical Slide.

v1.2.9 -
Added custom navigation selector.

v1.2.8 -
Added the option to show navigation and arrows on hover
Improved "default" and "smooth" effects

v1.2.6b -
Fixed an issue with pause on hover.

v1.2.6 -
Added Destroy Method.
Fixed a preload issue.

v1.2.4 -
Added option to lock vertical swipe.

v1.2.3 -
Added stop Youtube/Vimeo videos on change slide.

v1.2.2 -
Added goToSlide() Method.

v1.2.1 -
Fixed an issue with videos in Mac

v1.2 -
Added Methods

v1.1.3 -
Added 1 effect
Fixed a minor issue with auto slide loop

v1.1.2 -
Added 2 options (autoSlideRandom, startRandom)
Fixed an issue with centered content on first slide

v1.1 -
Added 2 slide effects (Fade, Smooth)
Added more demos examples

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26 April 12

Last Update:
13 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS


caption, content, draggable, effects, galleries, images, jquery, modern, professional, responsive, sleek, slider, slideshow, unique